Hillary Clinton (White House photo)

Report finds Hillary in 'dereliction of duty'

Former top military, intel brass counter House Benghazi report


Courts say living by Christian faith illegal

2 cases establish wide range of government punishments

A wall around Mark Zuckerberg's private estate in Hawaii is raising the ire of neighbors. (Credit: Twitter, the Daily Mail)

Zuckerberg builds own massive wall
after bashing Trump

Facebook chief's stone structure called 'immense,' 'oppressive'


U.N. trucks mystery deepens: 'They're not ours!'

2 major contractors deny any role in vehicles' production or presence

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas (Photo: Twitter)

Cruz: Obama still won't tell Americans
who is targeting them or why

'He is determined to discredit those sounding the alarm'

Twin Falls, Idaho

5-year-old Idaho girl 'afraid to go out
of her house' after sex assault

'She wears 2 pairs of underpants to protect herself now'

Victims of the Istanbul airport terror attack were rushed to the hospital. (Credit: BBC)

Istanbul airport reopens amid terror aftermath

Turkey warns: 'Heinous' attack could have happened in 'any city'


Grexit? Brexit? Now some calling for Clexit

Fledgling movement cited as one whose 'time has come'


Judge scorched for saying ignore U.S. Constitution

'It's like being a member of the Armed Forces and supporting ISIS'


Russia about to endorse fines for sharing faith

Bill recalls days of communist control