Mother and child reading

Parents reading to kids blasted as 'unfair'

Leftist professor makes astonishing claim


Anti-Christian 'ambush' by CBS
ignites Twitter war

Sparked by Bob Schieffer on 'Face the Nation'


Obama unleashes T-word in Texas attack

White House praises law-enforcement response


Fox News talker to FBI: Investigate Clintons

'I'm not on a witch hunt here. But there is big money'

Actor Jim Caviezel portraying Jesus in "The Passion of the Christ."

Christian girl given zeroes for her beliefs

'No student should be subjected to such outrageous bias and outright hostility'


Suspect in Texas shooting
'very kind' religious man

'They don’t kill out of a seething uncontrollable rage'


ISIS lays claim to Texas terror

Warns America: 'What is coming is more bitter and harder'


Retail apocalypse:
Major chains closing 6,000 stores

Big names plan to shutter outlets from coast to coast

Ben Carson

Ben Carson's FIRST written statement
as candidate

'Our government was designed to reflect the will of its people'


GOP: Lost its soul or just its mind?

Exclusive: Dick Morris blasts Republicans for ceding authority to Obama on trade