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Chobani doubles down
on hiring Mideast refugees

Yogurt company makes pledge in line with Obama requests


AG's ethics questioned
after meet-up with Bill Clinton

Lynch responsible for deciding if Hillary charged – now faces recusal demand

Hillary Clinton

Stunner! DOJ wants to keep
Clinton Foundation docs quiet until 2018

Feds now 'using taxpayer dollars to protect their candidate, Hillary'


Hillary used foundation as 'personal piggy bank'

WND author documents 'vast, criminal conspiracy,' 'slush fund for grifters'


DHS sec stonewalls on 'purge'
of intel 'offensive to Muslims'

Ted Cruz confronts Jeh Johnson with testimony of Philip Haney

An armed man stands near the burning U.S. special mission in Benghazi Sept. 11, 2012

Hillary told Benghazi lies
as SEALs still fought for their lives

Lawmaker: 'Politics started the night of the attack, before it was even over'


Clinton best friend: Hillary secret
has D.C. 'scared to death'

Eye-popping insider account reveals mystery that has politicians shaking in their boots

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DHS whistleblower: Why Obama
is 'so adamant to protect Islam'

'The power of Shariah is very difficult to exaggerate'

Donald Trump

A harbinger? Trump overtakes Hillary
in new national poll

9-point flip reverses results from just week ago


'Nazi Detector' pins swastika
on WND, Trump, conservative Jews

Supposed attempt to counter 'anti-Semitism' shows left wing bias