Court judge

Appeals court delays abortion
for illegal-alien teen

Orders government to find private sponsor to avoid taxpayer funding


'Underwear bomber' sues
to 'access Earth's 7.5 billion people'

Complains not allowed 'communication' with 'vast majority' of inhabitants of planet


Now Washington Post misfires in attack on Roy Moore?

Accuses Senate candidate of failing to pay taxes ... on money he wasn't paid

Afghan National Army soldier directs other Afghan soldiers and members of the Afghan National Police during weapons training (U.S. Defense Department photo)

Afghan troops going AWOL in U.S.

Inspector general reports 13 still unaccounted for


Listen: Soldier's widow reveals 'hero' call
with Trump

'Thank you. I really, really appreciate it'


Congresswoman plays race card in attack
on Trump chief of staff

Gen. Kelly delivers heartfelt testimony to reporters about losing his own son

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

'Hysterical' judge refuses to let go of Sheriff Joe

Insists contempt conviction remains despite presidential pardon

Sen. John McCain

'Sen. John McCain – ya gotta quit'

GOP lawmaker now unleashes outbursts at reporter, White House


Trump admin scraps EPA's
deceitful 'sue and settle' trick

He's 'trying to bring government back in line with the Constitution'


Muslim refugee in
Obama 'Welcoming City'
busted for pedophila

4 girls, as young as 7, allegedly victimized
by resettled Rohingya man