A supporter of President Trump, in the truck,. getting sucker-punched by an anti-Trump protester in Phoenix

Major news agency calls punch-throwing leftists
'peace activists'

'This is how stupid the mainstream media thinks you are'


Crazy! ESPN pulls announcer because of ...
his name

Asian-American sportscaster shares moniker with famous Confederate general

President Trump and former Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Photo: Twitter)

Trump in Phoenix: 'Sheriff Joe can feel good'

'I'll make a prediction. I think he's gonna be just fine'


Thought of this famous Republican
in Senate has CNN in tizzy

You won't believe its 'gotcha' scoop in effort to derail campaign


Kindergarten boy 'instantly turns into girl'
at school

Classmates in tears over fears of becoming 'transgender'


See violent leftists
attacking their own

'Anti-racism protesters?' 'Alt-left' pummels black conservatives, BLM alike

U.S.-Mexico border wall (Photo: Twitter)

Trump weighing amnesty deal for 800,000 illegals

'He's getting conflicting advice'

Trump-Secret Service

Ex-Secret Service agent debunks USA Today's
'fake news' on Trump

Dan Bongino exposes story alleging president bilking taxpayers


Left-wing groups
sued for violating
Christians' civil rights

D. James Kennedy Ministries seeks damages from Amazon, SPLC, GuideStar

Bob Dylan

Media shocked by blockbuster Bob Dylan
spiritual biography

Diversity of critics hail 'well-researched' examination of American icon