Still of video of abortionists talking about heads that are 'stuck'

Judge tries to stop you from watching this video

Censors media's presentation of jokes about 'eyeballs in laps' and 'pull off a leg, or 2'


Judge protecting sanctuary cities
using same trick to stop travel ban

Administration official explains how N.Y. Times got story wrong on crackdown


Congress needs to impeach this judge!

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Daniel Horowitz on how president can restore rule of law
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Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller: Not the man
media portray him to be!

Exclusive: Larry Klayman pens open letter to special counsel about surveillance

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (Photo: FB, Muriel Bowser)

D.C. mayor: Of course Seth Rich murdered
during 1 of our robberies

'Any homicide in the District of Columbia gets the full attention of the police'

Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich reportedly sent 44,053 internal DNC emails to WikiLeaks before he was gunned down in while walking home from a bar in the wee hours of the night on July 10, 2016.

Seth Rich timeline reveals questions
that haven't been answered

What about barbell death 3 weeks earlier of witness John Ashe, other coincidences?


Joe Mantegna: Join me in honoring
America's greatest heroes

'Without their sacrifices, who's to say what our country would be today?'


Trial to expose radical Islamic agents
embedded in U.S.

Top First Amendment lawyers defend breathtaking infiltration of terror front


Was Manchester bomber trained by the CIA?

Exclusive: William Murray traces Abedi family to militia that helped oust Gadhafi