Hillary Clinton

Ex-aide's testimony exposes
Hillary's lie about emails

Sets stage for establishing criminal abuse of classified information


Senior gets big apology
after city worker
seizes his American flags

'Customers tried to grab them out of her hand. She wouldn't give it to them'

Ray Comfort and Subway gift cards that had been intended for Reason Rally attendees (Image courtesy Ray Comfort)

Police say Christians can't give atheists gift cards

Evangelist Ray Comfort changes plans:
'We will be eating Subway sandwiches for years'


State chief justice sues
over constitutional violations

Alabama's Roy Moore seeks damages – deprived of due process


Obama's Iran expert never heard
of anti-Israel BDS movement

'It's troubling, sir, you wouldn't know what that is'


Britain announces investigation of Islamic law

Panel examining its compatibility with England, Wales


Gary Sinise: Join me
in honoring America's
greatest heroes

'You'll hear great stories, and you'll be reminded of true meaning of Memorial Day'


VA makeover? Veterans reveal
1 simple fix for 'failing' health system

'Delayed care is denied care, and denied care is bad care'


Kentucky joins lawsuit
over Obama's transgender agenda

'An absurd federal overreach into a local issue'


Homeschool your way out of Common Core

New guide includes special advice
for home-educated students wanting to attend college