Reading Bible

Muslim ruler's daughter arrested
for Christian faith

Conversion followed 'miraculous' vision

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Hillary: I handle 'men who get off the reservation'

Democrat front-runner has scandalous history of punishing gents who don't 'behave'

A Donald Trump supporter was physically assaulted at the candidate's rally in California. (Credit: Matt Pearce, Los Angeles Times reporter, via Twitter)

Trump supporters beaten, bloodied
by 'Mexican-flag wavers'

20 arrested as crowd turns violent outside rally in California


Trump talks 'America first'
with Savage after protests

Candidate hopped fence amid angry demonstrators to make engagement

Radio host Glenn Beck smothers face in Cheetos to look like GOP front-runner Donald Trump (Photo: screenshot)

Glenn Beck smothers face in Cheetos
to look like Trump

'I think Donald has mastered this, you have to roll in it'

(Photo: Twitter)

Target stock plunges as 1 million boycott

Retailer loses billions in fallout over transgender-restroom policy


Café owners get threats
after Islamic 'hate' accusation

Restaurateur denies women told to leave 'because' they are Muslim


What? Public schools now
encourage homeschooling?

Low-performing students pushed out to boost district's overall test scores


Tahoe backtracks, allows owners
to replace destroyed house

Faced lawsuit over decision to take rights from landowners


Profanities in movies no longer 'swearing'?

Film-rating agency downplays violations of 3rd Commandment