Here it is!
Big list of Trump's
'Fake News Award' winners

Plus president includes bonus tally
of biggest accomplishments in 2017

Former President Obama (Photo: Twitter)

New scandal in Obama's war against Netanyahu

'Gave U.S. taxpayer dollars to a terrorist-affiliated organization'


1 state aims to be 'sanctuary state' ...
for gun rights

Bill would make enforcement of unconstitutional firearms laws a felony


Dem IT aides pretended
to be congressmen
to steal data

'The American people deserve
to know the truth to this'

twitter-angry-bird copy

Conservatives invited to pressure Twitter
over censorship

Ex-employee revealed social-media giant's 'shadow banning'


Twitter cancels 'a lot' of users
when China demands it

Newest O'Keefe video: Ex-engineer admits no free speech on social media

President Trump (Photo: Flickr/Michael Vadon)

Media go mental on Trump, make ominous prediction

Limbaugh rips reporters who 'never questioned Hillary when she could barely stand up!'

Confessed domestic terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins

'SPLC is now a hate group itself.
It's a money-grabbing slander machine'

Chorus calling for probe of far-left organization grows

Donald Trump's inaugural address

Countdown to anniversary of Inauguration Day

1 day left in president's 1st year in office to express your gratitude