Protection for 'children' includes unborn

Court opines, 'Our Creator, not government,' gives natural rights


Chechen jihadists pose threat
1 year after Boston bombings

Increasing concern in U.S. about Muslim fighters from Russia

From the start of German occupation in 1944, Jews and Gypsies (Roma) were deported to the Auschwitz-Birkinau concentration camp

Jew 'registration' leaflets
open Holocaust wounds

'Strong and constant undercurrent of anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe'


Watch Pope Francis' Easter message live!

Sign up for holy day event streaming now


James Dobson wins Obamacare reprieve

Judge grants temporary injunction against abortion mandate


The nonexistent, evil chick called Easter

Exclusive: Joe Kovacs asks if name of holiday violates Ten Commandments


Tour Israel with Jonathan 'The Harbinger' Cahn

WND trip features Joseph Farah for 'spiritual experience of a lifetime'

The United States Supreme Court

Fight on against 'Big Brother'
control of 'truth'

Political campaign case argues state cannot ban billboard speech


Released Army ranger:
Remember imprisoned colleagues

'Leavenworth 10' seen as 'victims of untenable rules of engagement'


Chuck Norris discovers fountain of youth

And its life-prolonging power may be as close as your grocery aisle

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