Mega-military base breaks silence
on 'martial-law memo'

Document with official letterhead announces preparation, training for takeover


Is Brexit architect Trump’s secret weapon?

'Anything is possible if enough decent people are prepared to stand up against the establishment'


Media stampede to shut down Clinton Foundation

Press that once praised 'charity' as the best of Bill and Hill, now condemn it


Clinton Foundation scandal 'bigger than Watergate'

Giuliani: 'Nixon wasn't raking in millions and millions of dollars through phony charity'


Who wore it better?
You won't believe
Hillary's new outfit

Clinton sports 'pockets big enough
to hide millions in cash from Saudis'

Bill Clinton (Credit: petition site)

What about Bill Clinton's shell account?

AP blockbuster 15 months ago forgotten amidst fresh foundation scandal


Was Hillary's Russian 'reset' really a 'sellout'

New questions about donations to foundation
while tech companies developing Moscow's 'Silicon Valley'

A Muslim boy was videotaped by his terrorist teachers beheading a Syrian soldier.

Shhhhh ... Ignore that Muslim with a knife

Media silent on summer surge in Islam-inspired blade attacks


Prepare your kids to pledge Mexican flag

Court fight erupts when girl resists school's 'petty tyranny'


Businessman sues for permission
to lower prices

Challenging 'irrational government regulations' that drive up consumers' costs