Bill and Hillary Clinton

Rape claim against Clinton
gaining attention ... again!

Called 'credible,' Broaddrick's allegation may play a political role in 2016

Danielle Watkins

Woman has sex with student 20 times

Teacher issues threat if boy broke off relations


Border Patrol points gun at Boy Scout's head

Troop detained for taking photos as illegals flood southern U.S.


Elderly vet arrested for asking officials to speak louder

76-year-old charged with disrupting a public meeting, resisting arrest

IRS Commissioner Koskinen Testifies on Missing Emails

IRS chief eviscerated in 'You lie!' moment

GOP lawmakers accuse agency of deliberate deceit to stage cover-up


Terrorists' song celebrates
soldier's 'kidnapping'

Tells Netanyahu: 'You retard, you will accept [our] terms'


Muslim cleric:
Hamas leaders hide,
desire civilian deaths

Accuses Gaza militants of being Shiites,
communists unworthy of help


Egypt trying to restore
Abbas nemesis in Gaza

Move prompting Fatah leader to reach out to Saudis


5 happiest cities in U.S. all in 1 state

Unhappiest places all lean to 1 political party


1st murder outside Target since 'gun ban'

Killer strikes month after company asks customers to disarm

Just a note to say how impressed I am with the two folks I have dealt with at WND customer service so far. I have dealt with the public for years and know that, so much of the time, we seldom say "thank you" enough ... No other reason for writing than to say "thank you."
— Dale Dawson