The Ebola virus under magnification

Texas school kids in contact with Ebola patient

'Safety of our students, our parents and our community our No. 1 priority'


Sadists, psychopaths find new home online

Trolls' antisocial behaviors forcing companies to eliminate popular feature

God's hand of judgment

Shemitah author answers critics:
'Judgment is coming'

God still raises up, pulls down empires, he says


Study: Number of nuclear families plummets

Expert says result will be 'the need for government'


Facebook friends honor
Oklahoma beheading victim

Postings recognize woman killed in alleged attack by co-worker


U.S.-led bombing coalition
fraught with conflicts

Arabs, West have different objectives, could undermine goal of defeating ISIS


Obama coalition partner accused of aiding ISIS

Sources: Goal is brokered truce with contingent fighting in Syria


Supremes asked to shut down Facebook jihad

Lawyer argues shouting 'fire' in theater shouldn't be allowed online


Breaking: Ebola confirmed inside U.S.

Hospital reports patient in 'strict isolation'


Death sentence for Iranian woman delayed

Was convicted of self-defense killing of man attacking her