Top doc: Media bias
on antidepressants 'astounding'

Repeated studies show SSRI use during pregnancy linked to autism, but press AWOL


House GOP holding Dems'
feet to fire on border

'American voters can vote and decide what direction our country goes'


Dem: Anti-amnesty GOP 'loud,
mean, vile, destructive, hateful'

Says Republicans 'vilify and demonize repugnant' Hispanics


Rush: How 'bout these
'high crimes, misdemeanors'?

Cites Obama breaking law over 1,800 times since 2012


WHO: Travel restrictions
won’t stop Ebola spread

CDC issues alert to avoid unnecessary trips


WHO: Ebola outbreak 'accelerating'

'The situation is grave, and we need to do something fast'


Terrorist disguised as Israeli soldier
lured troops into kidnap trap

Netanayahu warns Kerry Hamas will pay for breaching cease-fire


House poised to pass tough border bill

Bachmann: 'Now the ball is in Harry Reid's court'

Attorney General Eric Holder

Court releases 'Fast and Furious'
info withheld by Obama

President's executive privilege claim led to Holder contempt finding

Cleta Mitchell

IRS employees 'donating
to Democrats' probing scandal

Tea party lawyer spotlights motivation for hindering investigation

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