Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich

Who killed Seth?
Fresh hunt for leads
on Rich's killer

'I will get to the bottom of this,
no matter the cost'

Former U.S. Army Ranger officer Alejandro Villanueva, player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, refused to sit out the national anthem with his team on Sept. 24 (Photo: NFL screenshot posted to Twitter)

NFL anthem superstar pulled wounded U.S. soldiers
from Taliban fire

Americans rally around 'patriot' and 'hero' who defied team on 'Star-Spangled Banner'


Busted! NFL rules require anti-anthem players
to appear on field

'Stand at attention, face flag, hold helmets in left hand, refrain from talking'

Alton Nolen beheaded co-worker in Oklahoma. Photo/Facebook

'It's in the Quran,' says Muslim who beheaded Oklahoma co-worker

'You know all I was doing was ... what I was supposed to do'


Fraud? 248 counties have more voters
than eligible citizens

Officials urged to clean up rolls or face legal consequences

U.S. soldier in Afghanistan

Al-Qaida targets Afghanistan
as U.S. steps up military effort

Little-noticed declaration indicates peace deal 'less likely than ever'


Scientists to beam messages to aliens

'We are emphasizing
the essentials of math and physics'

(Photo: Twitter)

Survey shows 1 girl in 6 pressured for nude photos

'Subjected every week to … obscene graffiti and images'


Anthony Weiner sentenced to prison in sexting case

Democratic ex-congressman sobs while addressing judge

Chelsea Manning (Photo: Twitter)

Chelsea Manning aghast!
Canada bans ex-intel analyst for 'treason'

'Foreign national is inadmissible on grounds of serious criminality'