Commuter train crashes into New Jersey station

1 killed on platform, 108 others injured


Dems 'laying groundwork'
to torpedo conservative media

Fox News, Wall Street Journal in bull's-eye of new banishment strategy

Former President Bill Clinton with daughter, Chelsea (Photo: Twitter)

Boom! Clinton rape accuser
goes to war with Chelsea

'Your father was, and probably still is, a sexual predator'


Police helicopter captures UFO on thermal camera

Mystery craft filmed flying against winds – undetected by air-traffic control

Excavation of gate complex of biblical city of Lachish in the Judean foothills

Archaeologists: 2,700-year-old toilet
confirms Scripture

'Before our very eyes these new finds become the biblical verses themselves'

Alicia Machado

Trump critic 'Miss Piggy' in sex romp on TV show

Hillary holds up beauty queen Alicia Machado as 'victim' of GOP nominee

Vladimir Putin at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, Jan. 29, 2009. (Wikimedia)

Media neglect Clinton-linked firm's role
in Russia scandal

Lobbied for bank tied to terror, company in uranium scandal

Katy Perry

Trump vs. my Democratic Party's fantasy politics

Exclusive: Bob Just on how PC media and pop culture work to make Hillary president

Syria's Bashar al-Assad

3rd World War 'is taking place in Syria'

2 sides becoming proxies for conflict between powers


HP fixing printer lockdowns with new software

'We expect the update to be ready within 2 weeks'