Frightened Christians lose battle
over U.S. mega-mosque

Mayor was 'literally acting like a dictator'

Anti-Trump protest at Wayne State University

First fake news,
now fake anger at GOP?

Sean Spicer calls out 'professional protesters' at Republican town halls


Nearly 60 U.S. cities set to blast Trump with patriotic support

'This is not about left or right. We are proud of our president and of our country'

Children standing in line washing their hands in a primary school bathroom

Trump flushes Obama's school-bathroom mandate

Court 'held that the term 'sex' unambiguously refers to biological sex'


Milo and the 'Stockholm Syndrome' of Sodom

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Reports: Hezbollah obtains
'game-changing' weaponry

'Vast supply of advanced, state-of-the art' machines delivered by Iran


Ark Encounter opens
new gospel display

'We've never hidden the fact that our main purpose is to present the truth of God's Word'

A screenshot from a new Texas ACLU video promoting its "Pee with LGBT" campaign

ACLU demands Texas 'pee with LGBT'

Pastors warn about new ad promoting open restrooms in state


This year in Jerusalem! Join unique WND tour

Chance for briefing from Netanyahu, new U.S. ambassador

News Media

James O'Keefe hints next big target CNN

Filmmaker to release 'WikiLeaks-style' media dump, MSNBC host laments 'dictator' Trump