Hillary Clinton (Voice of America)

Drip, drip, drip: New Clinton Foundation scandal!

Fresh disgrace involves hundreds of millions of dollars

(Image: NBC News screenshot)

Gun-toting grandma calls Obama 'executive anus'

'Control is for animals. It's not for humans'



How Obama and the left are driving millions of Americans over the edge

Patricia Quispe, 18,  convulses and screams as she is restrained by medics after playing "Charlie Charlie"

Girl 'possessed by Satan' inside video game

Convulses and screams, 'Let me go! Let me go!' and '666!'


TV forecaster: Weather perfect
for bombing ISIS

Blond beauty proclaims 'October good month for flying in Syria'

(Image: CBS Los Angeles screenshot)

Viral video shows L.A. cop stalked by armed man

'It's just becoming more and more violent'


'Historic opportunity to pick
the speaker of the House'

With no nominee of their own, conservatives struggle over vote

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Col. Gen. Alexander Zelin, former commander in chief of the Russian Air Force and current adviser to the Russian defense minister (Wikimedia)

Russia to continue fighting
in Syria through spring

Sources confirm Moscow targeting U.S.-backed rebels


Fox star slams NRA, then admits: I'm a member

Famous face calls America 'gun-sick nation'


Love in the age of transhumanism

'Were you upgraded in Silicon Valley?'