House Speaker John Boehner holds comedienne Joy Behar in a headlock in the Hamptons

Boehner puts star in headlock:
'I'm Obama's best friend!'

'For a guy who cries a lot, he's physically quite strong'

Radio host Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh accuses critics of mass deception

'There are no potential customers here, just hardcore political activists'

Jasmine Tridevil, whose real name is Alisha Hessler, claims to have had surgery to add a third breast. (Facebook)

Three-breasted woman a triple hoax?

Real identity of online sensation revealed

Omar Gonzalez in Secret Service custody after jumping White House fence

Key fact on White House fence-jumper revealed

'Omar is not some maniac. He's a veteran who needs help'


ISIS, Turkey's tool for re-establishing caliphate

'We are walking in our conqueror ancestors' footsteps'


Military experts: Obama's ISIS strategy doomed

Need U.S. Special Forces, recognition enemy Islamic

KTVA reporter Charlo Greene

'[Bleep] it!' News reporter quits on air

Woman drops bombshell, leaves anchor tongue-tied


Sheriff calls for U.S. troops on Rio Grande

'We can protect Korean border but not our own?'


Ex-Secret Service agent:
Holes in White House security

'Fence designed for tourists, not for safety'

Media Matters founder David Brock

Aaron Klein challenges Media Matters
to Benghazi debate

'Instead of lobbing falsehoods and smears'

Dear Joseph Farah: You have been well known to millions of people as a hero and patriot, not because you went to Afghanistan or Iraq, but because your dedication and devotion to our country is beyond compare. ... Thank you very much and God bless America.
— Danny Prado