Obama inviting 'invasion
of murderers, gang members'

Border Patrol: U.S. accepting them because crimes not done in U.S.

President Obama with 
senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and U.N. ambassador Stephanie Power

Michael Savage: 'Muslim Sisterhood'
runs White House

Contends major powers want Hamas defeated but Obama siding with foe

Radio host Rush Limbaugh

Rush: Obama trying 'very hard'
to be impeached

'It's so obvious, he's not fooling anybody'

Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Barack Obama

Major new fears over war with Russia

'Unforeseeable consequences' for continent


Could new Republican strategy backfire?

Todd Akin says Rove plan could be disastrous


Feds' prep for illegals' surge began in 2010

Shelley Kais reveals skyrocketing budget of Unaccompanied Alien Children program


Could Ebola sneak across U.S. border?

Africans passing through Mexico raise new flags in 'out of control' outbreak


FLASHBACK: Obama sees 'legitimate' claims
for Hamas, Hezbollah

Now president in furious attempt to broker cease-fire


NBC News quietly alters article blaming Israel

IDF says Hamas rockets killed 30 Palestinians


Palestinians accuse Hamas
of executing its own people

Confirms WND report of murder of suspected collaborators

Hey you wonderful folks at WND: Thanks soooo much for your great reporting and all the information!
— Chuck Hackley