Did something else happen
to U.S. ambassador in Benghazi?

Author finds 'key elements' missing from official narrative

God answers Elijah's prayers on Mt. Carmel in a battle against 450 prophets of the pagan sun god Baal.

ISIS chief challenged to famous Bible showdown

'It is time someone is calling these evil tools of Satan out'

Brandon Raub

Shrink diagnoses Marine 'dangerous' without ever seeing him

Accused of being 'mentally ill,' held in psych ward for weeks


ISIS stepping-stone to Europe identified

Alpine nation expected to serve as swinging door with Mideast


Primaries feature officer who got Saddam, Democrat 'birther'

Voters in 4 states select governors, candidates for Congress

twitter-angry-bird copy

New program joins NSA, IRS in watching you

'Reminiscent of the treachery we witnessed under the Nazi regime'

Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza strip after Hamas attacks

Israeli general: 'We haven't reached the goal'

'The people are used to having a very clear and clean victory'


African caliphate 'likely to succeed'

'You can do anything at the point of a gun'


Doctors lack knowledge
to fight Ebola, says WHO

Overworked medical staff falling ill in unprecedented numbers

Volunteers bury Ebola victims in Sierra Leone

WHO sets stage to OK experimental Ebola drugs

Seeks alternative treatments to combat outbreak

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