How not surprising: Top 'gay'
charged with raping boy

Exclusive: Matt Barber notes high number of pedophiles who are homosexual

Jonathan Gruber

Official bio ties Gruber
to crafting of Obamacare

As White House seeks to distance itself from MIT professor


Family beats Obamacare
in fight over abortion charges

Case dropped after hidden payments for procedure removed from health plans


'AIDS, Ebola, Obama – Thanks, Africa!'

Snarky roadside sign causes international stir

Some of the protesters who greeted President Obama's motorcade as it pulled into Del Sol High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, Friday, Nov. 21.

Obama amnesty supporters
clash with protesters in Vegas

Man shouts 'racists,' gets moved by cops


Americans 'mad at government' melt
phones on Capitol Hill

GOP's Sessions: Obama's amnesty 'worse than you think'

President Obama at the White House with presidents Salvador Sanchez Ceren of El Salvador, Otto Perez Molina of Guatemala and Juan Orlando Hernandez of Honduras.

Central American nations ramp up
citizen protections in U.S.

Expanding consular services to guard 'human rights' of illegals


Top hosts reveal how to stop Obama's amnesty

Exclusive: Kathy Shaidle recaps hottest discussions on the air

Police in Ferguson, Missouri, during a fourth night of violence after the police shooting of a black teen.

Schlafly: Obama's election strategy
for Ferguson flops

'I think they fomented unrest to hopefully win'


Was Gruber right about Americans' stupidity?

Exclusive: Tom Tancredo recommends requirement for all who want to vote