Crackdown on Christians
triggers exodus from military

'They're starting to wonder, is this going to be a place where I'm welcomed?'

Morrison, bottom left in this White House photo, looks on while President Obama presents Presidential Medal of Freedom to former University of Tennessee basketball coach Pat Summitt.

'I want to see a cop shoot
a white, unarmed teenager in the back'

Author Toni Morrison, honored by Obama, lashes out on race

Miriam Carey

'Murdered' mom's family files $200 million claim

Accuses feds of cover-up, 'actively blocking' details


Feds buying 95,000 rounds
with maximum 'stopping power'

Justice soliciting bids for 9mm hollow-point bullets


Video: Has Google found Loch Ness Monster?

'We were surprised by this sighting, too'


Franklin Graham: Halt Muslim immigration

Evangelical leader also calls on U.S. military to fight ISIS


Common Core's real goal? 'Dumbing down people'

Masses 'will be trained like Pavlov's dogs to fulfill their roles in New World Order'


U.S. Navy to Yemen to help Iran?

Al-Qaida taking advantage of chaos


Army cadets complain:
These high heels are killin' me!

ROTC presses men into pumps to fight violence against women


Loretta Lynch AG vote 'in next day or so'

Ted Cruz stands strong: My view 'unambiguously no'