Jessica Michelle Ewing was sentenced to 45 years.

Lesbian student explodes,
kills lover who wore ...

'I made the most horrible decision to cover it all up to hide it'


Christians unite to crush
brand-new ABC 'venom'

'What does an X-rated gay sex columnist have in common with Walt Disney?'


ISIS issues dire warning to Israel

Supporters have claimed responsibility for rocket attack


VIDEO: ISIS supporters 'launch rocket attack
on Israel'

Jihadists tied to caliphate challenging Hamas rule in Gaza


'Conservative' praises 'scandal-free' Obama

Bachmann counters: 'Apparently, dead Americans don't count'


Feds go into hiding on key vaccine facts

There's something the government doesn't want you to know


FBI busted flying spy planes over U.S.

Craft surveillance conducted absent judge's OK


'Electoral suicide' to ignore No. 1 issue in U.S.

Republicans warned not to 'go the wrong way' on 'most critical' topic

St. Matthews Monastery is a 1,650-year-old structure built into the side of a mountain on the Nineveh Plain of northern Iraq.

ISIS threatens ancient monastery
filled with Christians

Occupants of location dating to A.D. 363: 'We are expecting the worst'


The bankers' war on cash

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