Bill launched to halt refugee resettlement

Obama's infusion of 500,000 Third Worlders 'extremely unsettling'


Sanders 1 of 69 Democrat socialists
in Congress

Party's historic links unveiled as DNC chair praises 'progressive populist message'

Hillary Clinton

Classified info in Hillary's emails
likely extensive

Intelligence community bracing for possibility of 'hundreds of revelations'

Hillary Clinton watches as President Clinton discusses the Monica Lewinsky scandal at the White House in January 1998.

Charge: Hillary camp fears
new 'bimbo eruption'

Controversy facing Clinton's presidential bid goes global


Poll shows Obama would not win 3rd time

'Just 30% of likely U.S. voters' say they'd support him again


Senate showdown to defund
Planned Parenthood

'Worst PR disaster' nation's largest abortion provider 'has ever experienced'

Dr. Deborah Nucatola talked openly about partial birth abortion and compensation for baby body parts in the first of two undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress.

2nd abortion group wants
'baby parts' comments kept quiet

Planned Parenthood friend asks court to block 'recordings' from public


Congresswoman compares abortion
to heart surgery

Planned Parenthood's activity 'no different than any medical procedure'


Cruz: Abortion videos are game-changers

'So gruesome, even Hillary Clinton was disturbed'


Cruz fires back at Romney:
'This is why we keep losing'

'Far too many establishment Republicans are afraid of speaking the truth'