Winter Jam, Sidewalk Prophets

Christian singer: Jesus may have lied
about Adam, Noah

'It wouldn't freak me out if He was wrong'


'A GOP president will sign a bill
in 2017 repealing Obamacare'

Republican win predicted this year, bigger success in 2016


Bush 41 official to Obama: Aim for ISIS flag

Urges president to drop '250 lb. bomb' on every vehicle flying this banner


Wall Street playing dangerous games again
– as in 2008

Hot economic news items from top-rated market timer for precious metals


Rock and Roll Hall of Famer
releases 'wake-up call'

New song calls for hope amid 'polarization,' 'desperation'


PolitiChicks stars take Fox & Friends by storm

'We're here with a new brand of feminism'


Obama silent on crisis threatening 200,000

'The U.S. has done virtually nothing'

Sea of Galilee

Last day to sign up!
Tour Israel with Jonathan Cahn

Clock ticking to register for 'spiritual trip of a lifetime'


Holy Shemitah! Bible cycle unlocks U.S. future

'Harbinger' author stuns with new discoveries about 7-year cycles


Did Joel Osteen's wife commit 'blasphemy'?

'They're certainly not following the biblical Jesus'

I read your coverage of the memorial service at Arlington. How is it that, in all of the news coverage announcing the death of Admiral Denton, the writers at WND are the few (if only) that put his life so accurately, and so comprehensively into words? I am left without words because I don't believe there are the right words to properly say thank you.
— Audra Russell