Donald Trump

GOP establishment to back Hillary
if Trump is nominee

'They want a puppet that they can control, Donald will never be that person'


Spectacular! Extraordinary video
of Bible's famous 'hinds'

Rare Nubian Ibex captivate Israel tour of David's En Gedi hideaway

Jordan Wooley, right, is gaining national attention for not denying God in class. (Facebook)

7th-grader told to kill herself
for not denying God

Teacher threatened failing grade, student refuses to back down


Vast majority: Federal govt.
actually causing nation's troubles

8 in 10 Americans: Washington has too much power


3 biggest mistakes America ever made

Exclusive: Pamela Geller warns that nation 'may never recover from catastrophe'


Cyber Monday: Time to rediscover
the new WND Superstore

Online mall for freedom-loving, God-honoring just got makeover


Climate conventioneers 'just like Bond villains'

CO2 the 1 pure product of all work,
and what to call that place in Massachusetts!

Mark Twain: 'How they hate a Christian in Damascus!'

Bill Federer recalls famous pundit's observation: 'Wretchedness, poverty' indicate 'presence of Muslem rule'

Robert Lewis Dear

Planned Parenthood shooter
not fitting left's stereotype

Robert Lewis Dear registered to vote as 'female,' previously charged as Peeping Tom

The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

Here's the 'Antidote' every American needs

Radio star Dennis Prager's dazzling foreword
to Jesse Peterson's 'immeasurably wise' new book