Geraldo Rivera (courtesy Fox News)

Geraldo loses job at major broadcaster

'We don't need more shirtless selfies of you on the Internet'


3 biggest mistakes America ever made

You probably know at least 1 of these, but can you pinpoint all 3?

Donald Trump

GOP establishment to back Hillary
if Trump is nominee

'They want a puppet that they can control, Donald will never be that person'


Threat to kill 'white devils'
on Chicago campus

Feds arrest suspect after university cancels classes

President Obama (Credit: Zerohedge stock)

Obama: Embrace climate-change agenda
to fight terror

'Rejection of those who would tear down our world'

Syrian refugees (Photo: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

Germany: Radical Muslims flocking to refugees

'We will help you live your faith'


Spectacular video! These Bible animals climb trees!

Rare Nubian Ibex captivate Israel tour of David's hideaway

Jordan Wooley, right, is gaining national attention for not denying God in class. (Facebook)

7th-grader told to kill herself
for not denying God

Teacher threatened failing grade, student refuses to back down


Cyber Monday: Time to rediscover
the new WND Superstore

Online mall for freedom-loving, God-honoring just got makeover


Climate conventioneers 'just like Bond villains'

CO2 the 1 pure product of all work,
and what to call that place in Massachusetts!