The paper contains charts including this one which has been edited for print.

'Get me off your [bleeping] mailing list'
counted as 'science'

Journal accepts absurd research paper filled with obscenities


'J'accuse': Israeli ambassador
smacks Europe at U.N.

Hurls 'hypocrisy' charge over unilateral recognition of 'Palestine'

Retail giant Walmart (on the best list) and Target (on the worst)

'Naughty and nice' list
exposes TV advertisers

Watchdog group reveals companies that turn deaf ear to parents


IRS sued for monitoring U.S. churches

Agency allegedly used atheists to ID 'churches that might have criticized politicians'


Mike Brown's companion 'very upset, let down'

Shooting eyewitness '100%' certain teen's 'hands in the air'


Missouri burning: Looting after cop cleared

Michael Brown's mother shouts, 'What do you mean no indictment?!'


Black-crime explosion:
'America's worst city' revealed

Nearby Ferguson, Knockout Game, 'no snitchin' mentality


5 'significant problems'
with GOP's new Benghazi report

Senator slams it as 'complete bunch of garbage'


WND reporter dies at 60

Veteran of magazines, newspapers, networks


ISIS puts bull's-eye on other Muslims

'They're trying to target the social fabric and trying to create a sectarian conflict'