Photo of Marine praying with bride goes viral

'This has to be one of the best things I have ever got to see'

Claudia Tillery (Facebook)

Teacher: Don't fire me for 'sex with student'

Pair exchange 8,000 text messages
over 2 years


Fighter jets scramble after threats to airliners

Air France plane escorted to JFK, 'chemical weapons' reported on board


Woman, 21, 'killed by contraceptive pill'

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Muslim gang-raping: 'This is OK in our culture'

Exclusive: Pamela Geller shares horrifying story of beatings, abuse by Muslim gang


Memorial Day, Reagan style:
Remember the fallen

'Words cannot repay the debt we owe'

u.s. flag

Vietnam hero laments America's leadership

'Isn't worthy of the sacrifices people are making for it'


Judgment Day after cop shoots family pet

Witnesses said dog was chewing on rawhide bone when slain

Satan the devil in "The Bible" TV miniseries looked hauntingly familiar to millions.

Are Obama and the hard left of the devil?

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Come to Israel with me this fall

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