Green cards to Mideast Muslims 'out of control'

Record 1.1 million given permanent status in U.S. since 2001


Wall Street Journal editor says GOP voters
need to be 'taught lesson'

'Important that Donald Trump and what he represents' be stopped

An ad for Chicago Tribune subscriptions has angered many. (Credit: Facebook, via the Blaze)

Chicago Tribune called 'Un-American idiots'
for holiday ad

Memorial Day sale event displays U.S. flag – backward

Pope Francis displays what he claims was the life jacket of a drowned 6-year-old girl to hundreds of children in Italy.

Pope propaganda? Hundreds of kids told
to embrace refugees

Group chant: 'Migrants are not a danger – they are in danger'

Gun firearm

Yes, pack the guns for your trip

Exclusive: Barbara Simpson advises vacationing Americans to keep a weapon on hand

Ronald Reagan

Reagan on America's fallen: 'They stood for something'

'We must always remember that peace is a fragile thing'


Star-Spangled Banner like you've
never heard it before

Watch versions of anthem as varied as America itself

Sara Netanyahu

Mrs. Netanyahu accused of misuse of Israeli funds

Police reportedly recommend indictment of prime minister's wife

Full moon over Jerusalem, Israel

Deadline looming to sign up to ascend
the heights to Jerusalem

WND Israel Tour to feature trip to ‘city of our salvation’


Not a peep from feminists
over bathroom peep shows

Women's-rights movement silent as nuns slaughtered, baby girls aborted