Bill and Hillary Clinton

Clinton 'fixer': Hillary's affair with Vince Foster 'an open secret'

Admits to paying off news reporters, hiding sex romps, joining 'team effort' to destroy Lewinsky

President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton (Photo: Twitter)

Now Obama leaks that election could be rigged

Exclusive: Joseph Farah explains why Trump's 'not running against Hillary Clinton'


National-anthem protests blamed
for plunging football ratings

Former cop: 'I think the NFL went too far in joining this anti-police chorus'

Saul Alinsky

Radical roots of Hillary's Trump-rally agitator

Shares Clinton's, Obama's past with Saul Alinsky

Rusty Page prepares to turn over Lexi to the government on March 21

Nation's top legal group sounds off on Lexi's future

Girl, 1/64th Indian, taken from prospective adoptive parents
by tribe using challenged federal law

Columbine victim Rachel Scott

'I'm Not Ashamed' a hit with audiences

Earns 93% rating from viewers and producer says response to Google attack looming


Secret tape: Hillary personally ordered Trump disruptions

Demanded Donald Duck troll Republican nominee

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton (Photo: Twitter)

FBI No. 2 pressed to resign
over cash from Hillary ally

Candidate-wife of official who oversaw Clinton probe received $675,000


Should President Trump try to prosecute hillary?

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Lightning-rod Christian evangelist dies

Critics call him 'Father of the Satanic Panic'