Doctors: Bible is secret to healing your body

'Many diseases have very strong spiritual roots'


U.S. losing living standard as economic freedom erodes

Heavily taxed, highly regulated
– no longer world leader


Tips for Christians:
How to share gospel
in hostile age

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secular society, we have to change
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Get ready for more alternative 'marriages,'
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Decline of faith, rise of cultural Marxism have led to acceptance of variations

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Remaining childless – selfish or noble?

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Supremes asked
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Millions of children under scrutiny
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EMP attack: Horrific pyrotechnics
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Barrett H. Moore sounds alarm about grid-down scenario killing millions

Pope Francis meets Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Vatican in 2013

Putin uses church as foreign-policy tool

Russian president's interests merge with Catholic pope's


Historian: Putin's Russia
still repressive autocracy

Despite moving toward 'Christian' perspectives on divorce, abortion, marriage


'Right-wing Jews' to blame
for Charleston shooting, historian says

Professor names Geller, Pipes, others for inspiring Dylann Roof