'SWAT' attack victimizes 17-year-old

'Every police officer on duty in Long Beach was on scene'


America's newest hero: Meet the real Cliven Bundy

Calling Reid a 'warmonger,' Nevada rancher reveals why he's unafraid of feds


British, Danish, Dutch jets chase away bombers

Critics say Obama 'dithers' in Russia-West confrontation


Russia threatens military invasion of Ukraine

Warns of response like 2008 capture of Georgian provinces


NASA's new mission looks like sci-fi horror

'Terminator' coming alive as agency explores humanoids 'for Earth applications'


Democrats rebel: Obama
losing Keystone support

Congressman: Enough votes in Senate to break pipeline filibuster

Former U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Fla.

Allen West: Power plant attack a 'dry run'

Warns 'nothing in this day and age can be taken for granted'


3 rules of gun safety everyone should know

Exclusive: Manny Edwards demonstrates basics of avoiding accidents


Obama wants to train Libyan pilots, again

Wants restrictions lifted so candidates from terror-linked nation can study in U.S.


Immigrants don't want to be
'like white brats in the mall'

Chicano studies prof spouts off in new 'America' movie

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