President Nixon on the day of his resignation, Aug. 9, 1974.

Are Hillary scandals
actually BIGGER than Watergate?

Nixon's crimes 'look amateurish in light of what we now know'

President Nixon during the Watergate scandal

Who's really the victim of Watergate 2

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Here's what voter fraud looks like in 23 states

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Trump? Hillary? How about a nice
major 'extinction event'?

24% of millennials would prefer the latter, according to poll


Dems 'in their own words' confess 'voter fraud'

More videos promised from Project Veritas investigation of Hillary campaign


Hillary isn't the only one Lynch won't prosecute

Judge upholds Justice Dept. stonewall in 'murdered mom' case


Kids trained to believe Jews drink blood

Children's drawings reveal success in indoctrination of coming generation


Should President Trump try to prosecute hillary?

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