1 Major state playing devious trick
with 'religious freedom'

'This will be a great hindrance to law enforcement'


Decades of nuclear blackmail
spawned 'major, major' North Korea crisis

U.S. fell for 'fools errand' of calling for 'yet another piece of paper'


New evidence Shroud dates to 1st century

Roman numismatist identifies coins covering eyes

Israel 600x300

Trump's headed to Israel. Are you?

President plans to be there for 50th anniversary of Jerusalem reunification


Stunner: EPA's CO2 'hot spot'
'simply does not exist'

Man-made climate change 'should be discarded into the dustbin of other failed theories'


Backlash after schoolkids taught
to wash bodies for burial

'Are we training our children to be morticians'

Real Estate mogul Donald Trump has soared in the polls and now leads the field of Republicans vying to be the next president of the United States.

WND, Trump neutering
the mainstream media

Exclusive: Gina Loudon laughs at 'out-of-touch' press elites waging war on president


Media embrace new role as narrative cops

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