Scarlett Fakhar, former anchor and reporter for Fox affiliate in Houston, Texas, fired for pro-Trump post on her private Facebook page

Anchorwoman fired for pro-Trump post goes nuclear on station

'Reporters at my station are allowed to espouse their liberal views on-air'

Sheriff Newell Normand

Network pulls cameras from sheriff
describing threats on cops

Road rage 'argument' allegedly led to shooting of black NFL player

News Media

Forget Fox News, Media Matters declares war
on new targets

Left-wing group tied to Hillary plans crackdown on 'fake news'


We stand with Breitbart!

Exclusive: Joseph Farah on why WND won't accept any Kellogg advertising

Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton

65 million Hillary voters urged to refuse
paying taxes

'We look forward to Trump's tweet response to this seemingly treasonous sore-losership'


Lady Marine: Trump's fate in 2020 depends
on 1 key issue

'Huge number of vets got out and voted for him. He cannot drop the ball'


These 2 toys are spying on your kids

Playthings record, collect private conversations of young children

The Pentagon

$125 billion in Pentagon waste 'just tip of iceberg'

Defense Dept. 'has never passed a financial audit, so we know there's a lot more'

Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)

Racism blasts aimed at ... wrong party!

Trump's win not about white supremacy, says Dinesh D'Souza

Donald Trump

Censored! Trump-related 'hate crimes' against white kids

'Civil-rights group' claims Donald sparked wave of racial attacks