Boy Scouts hit with major new scandal

Stunning new rules aimed at discrimination against homosexual adults

TV Studio Camera Lens Close Up

News media caught in vicious hypocrisy

'They were so embarrassed, they didn't know what to say'


Obama 'intimidating Benghazi witness
into silence'

Congressman says key general 'on a leash' to keep him quiet


Horrid result when teacher confiscates cell phone

'This is a very upsetting incident'

U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

Video: John McCain pummeled by Republican boos

Called T-word at same gathering that censured him in 2014


Local police speak out about Islamberg

Of alleged Muslim terror-training camps, 'We just don't see it'


Former Mossad chief:
Iran murdered Argentine prosecutor

Says assassination linked to 1992 Israeli embassy bombing

Shabtai Shavit

Ex-Mossad chief: Iran to strike
Jewish targets abroad

Warns of pending retaliation against 'soft spot' outside Israel

Ohio Gov. John Kasich

Left praises Kasich for support of Common Core

Says criticism of program is about politics, not education

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson

How serious is Seahawks QB about faith?

Russell Wilson can't tweet about anything else