Dow up as China admits
propping up currency

Investors get another breather after massive selloff


Obama nemesis: Where's prez
on killed white journalists?

'Black gay guy goes nuts ... DOUBLE hate crime?'

iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina Music Festival - Show

La Vida Loca! Ricky Martin
rips 'xenophobic' Trump

Defends Univision host against Donald's 'racist, absurd' comments

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

Democrat pollster: This 1 issue could kill the party

'You cannot go fly in the teeth of what is now overwhelming opposition'

great harlot

Elites preparing last phase of New World Order?

'A secret priesthood of people who have access to supernatural power'


Farrakhan blasts WND, others, for reporting
call to 'kill'

'10,000 men' needed to 'stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death
we are feeling'

Houston Mayor Annise Parker

Court whacks lesbian mayor
for trying to pull switcheroo

'She has attempted every possible means of silencing the voters'

Slain reporter Alison Parker

Slain reporter's dad: Gun control
will be her legacy

Dems seize opportunity: 'Too many in hands of people who shouldn't have them'

Vester Flanagan, a.k.a Bryce Williams

Media 'conflicted' since TV shooter is black

Limbaugh: 'Journalists lives matter. Hands up! I'm on the air!'

Shooting victims Alison Parker and Adam Ward

'You want a race war [expletive]?
BRING IT YOU WHITE [expletive]!'

TV gunman details grievances in 'manifesto' sent to ABC News