Poll shows Obama would not win 3rd time

'Just 30% of likely U.S. voters' say they'd support him again


Tongue-tied DNC chief
suffers meltdown on MSNBC

'What is the difference between a Democrat and a socialist?'


Cruz fires back at Romney:
'This is why we keep losing'

'Far too many establishment Republicans are afraid of speaking the truth'


Undercover activists' goal: Catch criminals

'The point isn't viral videos. It is to gain prosecutions'

planned parenthood

Planned Parenthood faces
new charge it broke law

Problems pile on abortion leader amid release of baby-parts videos

Dr. Deborah Nucatola talked openly about partial birth abortion and compensation for baby body parts in the first of two undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress.

Judge blocks release of more
Planned Parenthood videos

Recorded by pro-life group as part of investigation of organ sales


Trump smacked: America
won't elect 'birther' prez

'Spent thousands of his own dollars … to find out if Obama was born in Kenya'


Obama wants more than
$18,113,000,000,000.00 debt

Treasury secretary warns Congress to raise borrowing limit


Benghazi details found
in Hillary Clinton's emails

Report: Classified material from 5 different agencies identified

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen

Congressman: GOP will impeach
IRS commissioner if needed

John Koskinen 'failed' his duties, and 'that's why he needs to go'




Stocks close higher for July

'It's hard to get any real grip on where we're going because it's summer holiday trading'

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