Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud

Saudis paying off ISIS not to attack?

King's bombshell warning to West neglects to tell whole story

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe: Terrorists know how to get into U.S.

'The border is still not secure, anybody can cross'


ABC, CBS, NBC schooled on covering IRS scandal

Big Three spent '0 seconds' covering stunning developments

Joan Rivers

Jackie Mason: Joan Rivers 'has 100 more years'

Calls media coverage of comedienne's illness 'ghoulish, sadistic'


Christianity's central doctrine being twisted?

Biblical scholars warn preachers leading public astray


Lawsuit accusing Planned Parenthood
of scam revived

Appeals court reinstates claim against nation's biggest abortion provider


Savage: Feds arming for 'war on white people'

Exclusive: Kathy Shaidle covers most explosive conversations on air


Massive rescue proposed
for trapped Christians

Kurds 'will be unable to stop' advance of ISIS stormtroopers

Sea of Galilee

Last chance to tour Israel with Jonathan Cahn

Time running out to register for 'spiritual trip of a lifetime'


Discover roots of Christian faith on Med cruise

Combine luxury vacation with spiritual-historical exploration

Joseph Farah: Excellent, I just LOVE reading your work, don't ever give up and keep on writing. You hear from the whiny other side too often, but maybe you don't hear from our side enough. We appreciate you! Respectfully yours,
— Steve Tenace