Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh erupts on GOP after New Hampshire

'Republicans clearly have a desire to ...'


Hillary wins
more delegates
despite getting crushed

Limbaugh: 'Wait 'til Bernie finds out
New Hampshire was rigged'


U.S. city walks back ban on 'Founding Fathers'

Mayor now directs 'example' to be removed from guidance for employees


Debunked: Obama's bogus 'refugee' sob story

President claims 'horrors of violence' behind illegal-alien invasion

The writers of "Archie" comics are turning the character Jughead asexual after over 75 years

Girls gone mild as Jughead becomes asexual

'Archie' creators: He only 'dabbled in the ladies' for 77 years

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

New Hampshire gives Muslim ban
huge thumbs up

Massive number of voters favor Trump's immigration halt

Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)

Blowout! Trump wins yuuge in 1st primary of season

New Hampshire results: Sanders crushes Clinton in Granite State


Hillary's hidden fortunes

Surprise! Clinton thinks women are stupid


Supreme Court halts Obama's climate-change plans

Republican-led states win reprieve from fossil-fuel regulations

Thomas Jefferson - 600x300

Historian rejects Obama's mosque portrayal of Islam

Says Thomas Jefferson didn't believe it was a religion of peace