oregon protest wide view

Obama greeted by hundreds
of pro-gun protesters in Oregon

'15 minutes after the shooting happened. He politicized it: The bodies weren't even cold'

Jon Ritzheimer, a U.S. Marine who fought in the Iraq, at rally in Phoenix in June against Shariah law.

Nationwide protests against Islam catching heat

Some groups urging 'come armed' to rallies outside mosques

(Image: Facebook, Renee Ellmer)

Ellmers blasts 'bats**t crazy' affair allegations

Congresswoman 'praying for those who find it acceptable to bear false witness'

(Image: Grotto.org)

Atheists torpedo student choirs for Christmas

'Just because it's a tradition doesn't mean it's legal'

A group of Muslim men praying on a Florida beach has set some officials on edge. (Credit: Facebook)

Praying Muslims rile Florida beach town

'I'm sorry but that type of behavior cannot happen here'

new sactuary city map

41 new sanctuary cities in just 4 months

Releasing thousands of criminal aliens into communities


Obama administration linked
to House-speakership blowup?

Report: DHS computer used to edit McCarthy wiki-page to alleged sexual affair

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc.

McCarthy exit exposes
GOP leadership's weak bullpen

'Paul Ryan is the only eligible candidate'

John Boehner

BIG LIST: Candidates to replace Boehner

But current House speaker likely to stay in office for awhile


Legal experts, by dozens,
want resistance to marriage ruling

Decision authorizing 'gay weddings' 'must be judged anti-constitutional and illegitimate'