Supreme Court Justice Scalia dead at 79

Conservative jurist found dead
in Texas of apparent natural causes


10 tough questions for Bernie

Exclusive: Joseph Farah brings up constitutional issues media fail to raise

Hillary Clinton

DNC makes 'sweeping' changes to save Hillary

Clinton allies desperate to destroy Sanders

A new ad by Ted Cruz's campaign uses a classic scene from the movie "Office Space" to highlight Hillary Clinton's email scandals

Hillary unhinged! 'Vicious' Cruz ad hits media nerve

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George Washington

Historian: Here's progressives' strategy
to destroy America's heroes

'Jefferson Lies' author: 'You have to ... start raising doubts, impugning their character'


Forensic profiler: Why Obama hates guns

'Devastatingly personal issue … driven by his deepest, darkest secret'


Uh-oh -- Climate scientists
discover inconvenient truth

Study now says global warming slows sea-level rise

Mt. Rushmore (National Park Service image)

Sioux tribes' bid for return
of Black Hills fails

Legislative committee unanimously rejects plan to fracture federal property

A Texas cop issued a citation to a preacher for "offending" a University of Texas at Austin student

Cops cite preacher for 'offending' student

'That's our job – to make sure that doesn't happen'

The Nazareth Mediterranean Restaurant in Columbus, Georgia, was attacked by a suspected Muslim man from Somalia Thursday night.

FBI eyes 'lone-wolf' terror attack in Ohio

Muslim immigrant goes on machete rampage inside restaurant owned by Israeli