'We're coming close to end of human history'

Billy Graham's daughter: 'World is unraveling'


Surprising name brings back the 'Thug' word

Takes to Twitter to endorse label for police officers


Schools ask 12-year-olds if they've had sex

Survey used 'across America,' often without parental OK


Huge lawsuit against Obama 'couldn't be more crucial'

'This administration will do whatever it thinks it can get away with'


Leaked memo raises
electric-grid security fears

PG&E privately admits changes 'years away' despite public assurances

Hillary-2 600x300

New push to seize Hillary's email server

'Material evidence ... is in imminent danger of being lost'


D.C. vs. the 2nd Amendment

'It's the Bill of Rights, not the bill of needs'


Petition calls for 'right of return'
for white South Africans to Europe

Threatened by 'ethnic cleansing and persecutions' from government


Obama grabs power over U.S. waterways

EPA barges ahead with controversial rule

Loretta Lynch testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee Jan. 28.

New Attorney General Lynch targets ... soccer!

Announces charges against international officials over alleged bribery scheme