Congressman exposes truth behind illegal kids

Fact-finding mission finds children definitely NOT 'refugees'


Shocking number unsure Obama U.S. citizen

Eligibility question among world's best-known 'conspiracy' theories


Anti-Obama film 'Utopia' going nationwide

Premiere had nation's best box office per screen over weekend

large old chef's knife on chopping block

U.S. mosque leaders try to chop off man's hand

Wield 2-foot machete to punish member for alleged offense


ISIS mimicking bloodthirsty predecessors

Baghdadi's Islamic methods recall brutal 'Scourge of God' reign


Detroit denies pause in water shutoffs
due to protests, U.N.

World body has vowed intervention to uphold 'human right'


Muslims force thousands
of Christians from homes

'No Western government seems to be standing up or protecting these folks'


Israel 'strikes weapons convoy
destined for Gaza'

Follows WND report of Iran coordinating missile shipment to Hamas


Will Medicare become like the VA?

Dr. Jane M. Orient warns, 'Patients will have nowhere in the U.S. to go'

Sea of Galilee

Hamas rockets boon to Israel tour

WND trip to Holy Land more meaningful than every, say Cahn, Farah

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