U.S. Navy caught spying
on whole state

'This is the real militarization of police – when the military becomes the police'


Michelle O knocks 'hard' life
To kids with cancer

Says difficult to live in White House, be married to the president


Cop defies order to 'celebrate' Islam, and then …

'Startling example of double standard when Christian civil rights are involved'


Dems, GOP blast Obama war plan

'How do we know the rebels won't align with ISIS?'


Generals skewer Obama
for 'control' of airstrikes

Evokes LBJ's micromanaging of Vietnam war theater


More insane arming of 'moderates'

Diana West rejects idea Saudis will be effective 'partner' in training Syrian rebels


With ISIS arrests, Australians
wishing they had guns

'I'd feel safer in a country where I was legally allowed to carry around a firearm'


Obama using Ebola to turn
military into social workers?

Fulfills plan of highly influential left-wing groups


Hell freezes over: Limbaugh
unloads on Republicans

'I don't know what they stand for anymore, other than they're not Obama'

Mr. Farah, I always read and store your articles. You are so on target.
— Ms. Marti Luts