'Damning': Obama abortion funding promise 'wasn't true'

'Administration has had years to deal with this problem. They've refused'


ISIS luring U.S. women
with cash-for-babies promises

'They are selling them this mystical sisterhood of going to the caliphate'


6,000 U.N. peacekeepers not trained
to fight Ebola

Top German virologist predicts 'World War E' will kill millions


Satanists handing out religious literature
at schools

'The responsible thing to do is to ensure students are given a variety of opinions'


U.S. troops in Iraq in combat? Yes and no

Administration officials give different answers in same hearing


New York Times caught contradicting self
on Benghazi

Piece cited by Hillary also at odds with State Department, witnesses


'God-loving Americans' confront
'filth peddling' satanists

Tens of thousands voice opposition to 'Black Mass' in heart of Bible Belt

Obama vs. Obama on Iraq

Exclusive: Molotov Mitchell uses video to highlight G.W. Bush's 'prophecy'


California's ironic ousting
of campus Christian groups

Exclusive: Jerry Newcombe on how 'tolerance' works at universities


Women, Latinos, youth jump Obama's ship

Exclusive: Morgan Brittany says groups have discovered 'they were conned'

Joseph: Someday I hope to shake your hand. Thanks for doing what you do and saying what needs to be said.
— Jim Fincham