Andy Boian talks about Hillary Clinton's email server with Greta Van Susteren Aug. 20, 2015.

Fox TV affiliate hires Clinton operative
as news reporter

'Journalist' involved in email scandal worked for Bill, represented Hillary's IT firm

FBI Director James Comey

Ex-DOJ official:
'Comey has to go'

Insiders say FBI director's errors in handling Clinton email case 'embarrassed' agency


The harbinger of Baal appears in NYC!

Exclusive: Jonathan Cahn explains unveiling of arch that led to temple of ancient god

Arcan Cetin (Twitter)

Latest mall attack follows familiar pattern of denial

'Hispanic' from Turkey praises Allah but motive remains 'unclear'

Armed gunman who killed five in the Cascade Mall, Burlington, Washington

Surprise, surprise – mall shooter a Muslim

Exclusive: Joseph Farah asks, 'Is it time to admit we have a problem with Islam?'

Houston shooting

'Disgruntled lawyer' ID'd as Houston gunman

Shooter killed by police after opening fire on vehicles


'Trump army' in bold move
at polling stations

'This is a grassroots movement to STOP and/or EXPOSE leftist voter fraud'


U.S. murders skyrocket in biggest spike since 1971

7 cities largely responsible for death-toll increase in 2015

Hillary glasses

New doctor: Hillary has epilepsy

Debate, specialist says, could trigger seizure


Colin Powell, Hillary and the pagan god Moloch

Insights into occultist Bohemian Grove elite conclave