MSNBC host Rachel Maddow

Oops! MSNBC screws-up screen scrolls

Watch network's laughable gaffes, from mistimed to unmistakably slanted


'Satan' tells driver to crash
into Ten Commandments

Investigation under way into destruction of Oklahoma City monument


Massive sunspot spewing
destructive flares aligning with Earth

Direct hit would devastate nation's infrastructure


Gohmert: If Obama orders
amnesty, cut off funds

'When the executive branch is acting illegally, then you quit providing any money'


Obama faces own 'Katrina' disaster

Exclusive: Kathy Shaidle quotes hosts warning this presidency is 'finished'


IRS target: 'This isn't where story ends'

'We need to stop relying on inspectors general ... and do their work for them'


Grandfather with gun stops home-invasion rape

Wounded man shoots all 3 assailants, kills 1


3 deputies, motorist shot in California – 2 dead

Manhunt ends with capture of 'Hispanic male' who carjacked vehicles


Pro-life tacticians unveil winning strategy

'Abortion clinics can close and lives be saved despite the political climate'

Winter Jam, Sidewalk Prophets

'Christian' singer who denies Genesis
takes on believers

'I personally have been called a heretic, a blasphemer, a twofold son of hell'