Cops eye charges
against pistol-packing homeowner

40 rounds fired in shootout with door-kicking, gun-firing 'burglars'


City wages KGB-style crackdown on churches

Ordered to obtain permits, code enforcement harrases congregation


Will Obama leave office in 2017?

Exclusive: Joseph Farah examines many examples
of Obama's 'contempt of the law'


Dems rally around Boehner
to thwart GOP coup

'Some of these characters came here thinking they're going to change the world'

Hillary Clinton

Hillary-loving Democrat
drops bomb on campaign

'She could stumble badly as a candidate'


Obama sees Ferguson-style racism 'everywhere'

Plans 'collective action and mobilization' to counter latest crisis


Leaked video: U.S. 'allies' execute 11-year-old boy

Report from Iraq documents hail of bullets to the head


Hillary Clinton's emails
'endangered national security'

Tech experts: 'How didn't she make herself vulnerable?'


NRA chief: 'Dictator' Obama
'hates 2nd Amendment'

LaPierre says no rifle ammo safe from president's pen

Golan Heights

Iran plotting fresh offensive
on Israel's northern border

Seizure of strategic territory would threaten Jewish state's security