Nicky Whelan and Nicolas Cage in "Left Behind"

Nicolas Cage comes clean on 'Left Behind'

Hollywood stars reveal why they signed on to remake biblical thriller


Say what? 'Loony tune' Democrat
ashamed of 'being white'

'My guilt tends to creep up most when I reflect on power I wield'


Facebook friends honor Oklahoma beheading victim

Postings recognize woman killed in alleged attack by coworker


Dems join GOP in blasting Secret Service

Want 'overwhelming force' not 'tremendous restraint'


Did 3 shooters gun down JFK?

Scientific studies conclude Oswald not 'lone assassin'

Carlee Soto reacts to the news of children slaughtered at school in Newtown, Connecticut.

Panel blasted for blaming
Newtown massacre on homeschooling

Sandy Hook commission report has 'no evidence' for main criticism

Ben Carson

Ben Carson: 2016 election may not happen

Likely GOP candidate warns 'there is the potential' because of growing 'anarchy'


Oklahoma beheader 'represents real Islam'

Decapitation suspect's values seen as 'mainstream'


Farmers, Congress team up
to disarm bureaucrats

'They should do what the rest of us do, call the local sheriff'

Majed Al-Leftawi

ISIS backer: Obama a 'White House slave, a mule'

Vows 'conquests' eventually will 'encompass the whole world'

I've encouraged the friends I share this site with to subscribe as well. As a "recovering liberal," I've come to the conclusion everything I was taught about conservatives being the evil ones was quite simply, wrong. My whole political/social issues belief system has gone through a major turnaround. Again, thank you.
— Melissa Levey