official: Obama's got Muslim Daddy issues

Ex-U.S. ambassador suggests childhood 'abandonment' fuels outreach to Islam

An artists' impression of a UFO – and the location of the flashing lights before the transmission ends (courtesy: Sunday Express)

Video: NASA cuts live feed
as UFOs fly past Earth

'BINGO! Caught them red-handed'

Washington coal facility near Sandersville, Ga.

Supremes overturn EPA's power-plant rules

Unreasonably interpreted Clean Air Act when deciding limits on emissions


Texas attorney general:
Marriage ruling 'lawless'

Pledges to uphold religious liberties, fight coercion against conscience


Non-politician wins presidential straw poll

'I say I can do it because I'm not a politician'

President Obama speaks to the nation after the Supreme Court ruling on marriage (Screen shot from WhiteHouse.govideo)

How deceitful Obama became
'gay marriage president'

Author uncovers influence of communist-pornographer mentor

Greek citizens rush to banks to try to withdraw cash.

Greek exit from euro appears imminent

PM appeals for calm: 'Your bank deposits are safe'


Blasting Jefferson, destroying memorial called 'absurd'

New report reveals 3rd president sought to free slaves


WND Israel tour just got better

New special guest, new theme for November trip


Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and, now, Cyber-geddon

Exclusive: Joseph Farah asks, 'Are Americans as dumb
as Washington is incompetent?'