State: Striking marriage
would 'undermine' liberty

Listed: Arguments over same-sex duos looming for Supreme Court justices


Bushies launch 1st attack on Rubio

Candidates – declared and potential – looking for breakout at N.H. forum


Ex-NYC police commissioner: Stop 'crucifying' cops

'We broad brush them
as racist, as criminals'


Mr. Netanyahu: Wake up complacent Americans

Exclusive: Barrett Moore sees PM as 'a voice of sanity
in an increasingly insane world'


Education disaster 'no accident,' expert warns

'Common Core is not going to fix this problem'


Bizarre mom-son 'mystery' deaths
have docs stumped

State department assures 'no threat to public health'


Russia tries to get economic jump on West

Offers welcome to Iran to Eurasian Economic Union


3 new key appointments at WND

Vice president of books division,
veteran staff writer, news editor

Larry Elder

Larry Elder to get Hollywood Walk of Fame star

'Never in my wildest imagination'

Paul Revere's ride

Prayer underpinned Revolutionary War

Bill Federer recounts faith that led toward Battle of Lexington