Hillary glasses

New doctor: Hillary has epilepsy

Debate, specialist says, could trigger seizure

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Your preview of Monday's greatest show on Earth

Trump, Hillary in virtual tie as debate of the century nears


Who is suspected mall-shooter Arcan Cetin?

Encouraged chant of 'SubhanAllah'
on social media page


L.A.'s idea for cops
facing armed threat?
Run away!

Police Commission tells officers
they should 'redeploy' or 'create distance'


Amazon steps in to 'fix' Hillary book review

But result is 5-star ratings with scathingly negative comments

Police in Ferguson, Missouri, during a fourth night of violence after the police shooting of a black teen.

Obama, black leaders, white agitators
'seem intent on fomenting racial unrest'

'The Antidote' lays out need for people to 'take responsibility for their own lives'

Mussolini, Hitler

Writer 'shocked' by Arab girls idolizing … Hitler

'Most were enchanted by his strength, determination, steadfastness'


Investigative reporter slams
'coverup' of Flight 800 explosion

Cashill: 'I entertained the outside hope' board member might reopen review


Fatah cartoon: Jews cause world terror

Expresses 'libel that Israel seeks to destroy the Muslim world'


'Divine appointments' on
'God's Day Timer' looming

New work from ‘blood moons’ discoverer shows prophetic importance of biblical feasts