'Freedom to worship' –
Obama's next bait & switch

Administration gradually supplanting Constitution's 'religion' protections


New move to strip federal courts
of marriage cases

Rep. Steve King: 'If my bill becomes law, then the states will make the decision'


''Gays' are not interested in marriage'

Little-known facts revealed about fiery Supreme Court debate


Hispanic evangelicals argue
biblical case for amnesty

Press Republican presidential hopefuls to agree

Former Marine Brandon Raub served several tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq and his attorney describes him as a "loyal American."

Cuffed Marine plans appeal to Supremes

4th Circuit: 'Unlawfulness' of mental health screener's actions
'not clearly established'


Honor violence
'huge problem'
in U.S.

'Victims are looked at differently.
We're treated differently'

u.s. flag

FreedomFest: Beck, Forbes, Stossel, Farah

Great debates, discussions at 'greatest libertarian show on earth'


The truth about the Crusades

Though Obama cited 'terrible deeds in the name of Christ,'
here's what really happened


Kids can't read? Blame
teachers, educator says

Many have 'no ability to acquire knowledge independently'


Gold near all-time inflation-adjusted low

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