Judge flips switch on 'Orwellian' spying

Case called 'pinnacle of national importance'

The United States Supreme Court

Marriage clerk cites 'God's authority'
to defy federal court

'Red-eyed and shaking' homosexuals leave county office without license


Undercover video: New 'gotcha' moment
for Hillary campaign

'It's not the dollar amount, it's about the willingness to break the law'


Baby parts 'buyer' talks about clinic payoffs

Told abortion clinics: 'We're trying to give money to you'

Police deal with hundreds of immigrants at Hungary's doorsteps.

Border crisis of 'biblical proportions' in Europe

28 nations of EU in chaos as migrants flee Mideast

Joe Uziel, co-director of the excavation from the Israel Antiquities Authority, sitting atop the stepped structure from the Second Temple period. (Photo: Shai Halevy, courtesy Israel Antiquities Authority)

Ancient surprise from time of Jesus
unearthed in Jerusalem

2,000-year-old structure in City of David site


Innovative gun-ownership system goes national

Legal trusts help protect 2nd Amendment rights

CNN's Maeve Reston

GOP establishment 'to unleash
on Trump after Labor Day'

'They're running a huge, huge risk'


New Christian movie stuns at box office

Makers of 'Courageous,' 'Fireproof' open at No. 2 with $11 million


Obamacare abortion-pill mandate 'unconstitutional'

Judge says it's not just religious groups who are exempt