Obama turns 'prepper,' warns of coming 'crisis'

'Families should assemble a disaster supplies kit'


Jimmy Carter refuses to cancel speech
for Hamas front

Terror-tied group featuring former president at fundraiser

President Obama appears to bow to Saudi King Abdullah, on April 1, 2009, in London

Mideast expert: Obama switched sides in war on terror

'America has moved toward its Muslim enemies'


Obama named in RICO lawsuit

Accused of laundering funds to terrorist organization Hamas

The Wunderlich family, with Michael Farris of the HSLDA.

Homeschoolers defeat cops
who used battering ram

Appeals court reverses decision that seized kids from family


NASA: Dangerous sunspot aligning with Earth

Powerful X-class solar flares can destroy U.S. electrical grid


Explosion of 116 rallies in support
of Ferguson officer

Americans back border agents, demand return of U.S. Marine in Mexican jail


Hannity to Islamist:
'If you shut up, I'll answer'

Fiery activist from Britain tries talking over Fox News host


Alarms raised over
left leanings of
religion ambassador

Targeted are Saperstein's opinions
on abortion, homosexuality, marriage

obama signing

See other executive actions Obama planning

'Climate change' end-run around Congress merely opening shot

Joseph Farah: Excellent, I just LOVE reading your work, don't ever give up and keep on writing. You hear from the whiny other side too often, but maybe you don't hear from our side enough. We appreciate you! Respectfully yours,
— Steve Tenace