Donald Trump

GOP establishment to back Hillary
if Trump is nominee

'They want a puppet that they can control, Donald will never be that person'


Spectacular! Extraordinary video
of Bible's famous 'hinds'

Rare Nubian Ibex captivate Israel tour of David's hideaway


3 biggest mistakes America ever made

You probably know at least 1 of these. But can you guess all 3?

Jordan Wooley, right, is gaining national attention for not denying God in class. (Facebook)

7th-grader told to kill herself
for not denying God

Teacher threatened failing grade, student refuses to back down


Vast majority: Federal govt. actually causing nation's troubles

8 in 10 Americans: Washington
has too much power


Cyber Monday: Time to rediscover
the new WND Superstore

Online mall for freedom-loving, God-honoring just got makeover

Robert Lewis Dear

Colorado shooter is not pro-life

Exclusive: Jason & David Benham decry 'reprehensible' actions of 'maniacal man'


ISIS: Nothing to fear?

Exclusive: Joseph Farah blasts Obama as 'most divisive president in recent U.S. history'

Samuel Clemens-2

Mark Twain: 'How they hate a Christian in Damascus!'

Bill Federer recalls famous pundit's observation:
'Wretchedness, poverty' indicate 'presence of Moslem rule'


Climate conventioneers 'just like Bond villains'

CO2 the 1 pure product of all work,
and what to call that place in Massachusetts!