Mussolini, Hitler

Writer 'shocked' by Arab girls idolizing … Hitler

'Most were enchanted by his strength, determination, steadfastness'


Investigative reporter slams
'coverup' of Flight 800 explosion

Cashill: 'I entertained the outside hope' board member might reopen review


Mall shooter's
rifle recovered –
still on the run

Mayor: 'Bring the son of a b*tch to justice who did this to our community'


Fatah cartoon: Jews cause world terror

Expresses 'libel that Israel seeks to destroy the Muslim world'


Atheists: Satanism our 'weapon'
against 'religious bigots'

Group pushing elementary-school club also targeted praying football coach

Supreme Court Justices 2015

Trump beefs up list of Supreme Court candidates

'Constitutional values and principles our country was founded on are in jeopardy'

Sen. Hatch

Hatch slaps down civil-rights commissioners

Charges they believe nondiscrimination policies 'trump' Constitution


Woman with gun blasts home invaders in Georgia

Surveillance cameras capture deadly encounter with 3 armed intruders


DHS may leave known smuggling route
into U.S. unprotected

Agent told 'by end of month we're not covering it anymore'

The "Missing Man" display

Victory declared in fight
over POW/MIA 'Missing Man' memorials

Feds have 'smacked down' extremists who were 'desecrating' displays honoring vets