Syrian refugees (Photo: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

Obama telling refugees: Go vet yourself

Officials make astonishing admission about lack of screening

Former President Bill Clinton with daughter, Chelsea (Photo: Twitter)

Boom! Clinton rape accuser
goes to war with Chelsea

'Your father was, and probably still is, a sexual predator'

Syria's Bashar al-Assad

3rd World War 'is taking place in Syria'

2 sides becoming proxies for conflict between powers


Congress slaps Obama
with 1st veto override of presidency

But top conservatives say lawmakers picked wrong fight


Rise of Satanism another sign
of 'America's fall from God'

Christian leaders speak out against open blasphemy, devil worship

Earpiece (Reuters)

Was Hillary wired for Trump debate?

Internet goes crazy as images show possible electronic help for Clinton


If looks could kill: Hillary's beauty-queen 'victim'
accused of murder threat

Clinton supporter admits 'not a saint girl,' challenged over Trump claims


Black man who dislikes cops stunned by white trooper's action

'He reaches over and began praying over me'


The real agenda behind
Charlotte's 'peaceful' protests

'Animated not only by anti-white racism but by a hatred of normal American values'


ISIS fighter admits soldiers' wives
used as 'slave girls'

'Their price would range from $250 to $500'