Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

New Hampshire gives Muslim ban
huge thumbs up

66% of voters favor Trump's immigration halt


Major U.S. city now banishes 'Founding Fathers'

Takes political correctness 'to a whole new extreme'


Fox News blows report on New Hampshire 'winner'

'We apologize for any confusion'


Supreme Court halts Obama's climate-change plans

Republican-led states win reprieve from fossil-fuel regulations

German police went on anti-ISIS raids after Spiegel TV interviewed an alleged terrorist commander, Bassam, posing as a refugee

'ISIS commander' on TV as migrant, cops clueless

'I want to learn German and work as a cook'

Thomas Jefferson - 600x300

Historian rejects Obama's mosque portrayal of Islam

Says Thomas Jefferson didn't believe it was a religion of peace


Judge rebuffs demand for clerk's name
on 'gay' marriage licenses

Dismisses ACLU fretting as moot in Kim Davis case

40 days for life-3

Peaceful campaign to end abortion
begins this week

'40 Days for Life' active in 32 countries around world


Russia: Saudis goading U.S. to send troops to Syria

Powers maneuvering after failure
of Geneva talks


Obama's newest
executive order

'Identity theft is now the fastest growing crime in America'