Andrew Brunson, an evangelical pastor, with wife Norine, had ministered in Turkey for 23 years before he was arrested Oct. 7, 2016.

'Utter sham': Turkey's imprisonment
of U.S. pastor presented to U.N.

Judge dismisses all defense witnesses,
accepts prosecution testimony from secret witnesses


Republican governor in California?

Trump-endorsed businessman now 2nd in polling

Official portrait of Barack Obama unveiled in February

Obama insists again he was scandal-free

Declares innocence amid ongoing probes of his administration

Nigel Farage and Donald Trump

Key Brexit leader charges Facebook
with 'doctoring' news

Nigel Farage says results of Zuckerberg's political views 'swift and brutal'

Mike Pompeo, then CIA director, meets in Pyongyang with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un (White House photo)

Trump's 'games' with North Korea
still may result in summit

Pyongyang reopens communication after cancellation of Kim meeting


Soros-endorsed leftists sue
agency that funds them

Fight erupts over Obama strategy to dictate racial makeup of neighborhoods

Former President Barack Obama (Photo: Twitter)

Mullahs 'cling' to Iran deal
as defense against U.S.

Now facing economic, political, military, regional opposition


'Mysterious' cutback by nuclear sub patrols

Analyst: 'It is unknown what has caused the Pacific reduction'


Candidate opposing Tim Kaine:
Let Trump be Trump

State GOP needs someone with policies 'that have made people's lives better'


Some U.S. websites go dark across Europe

Suspensions due to new privacy rules requiring transparency