Carl and Angel Larson (Photo: Alliance Defending Freedom)

Christians make pre-emptive strike
against 'gay' weddings

Vendors who refuse to accept same-sex clients face up to 90 days in jail, 6-figure fines


Obama-era rules jeopardize California farming

'If this unprecedented prosecution succeeds, it threatens nearly every farm in the U.S.'

Supreme Court Armed in Public

Trigger pulled on your right to carry a gun

City's law requiring 'good reason' tantamount to 'total ban' on firearms


Crazy talk: Psychs
crack up over 'psychotic,' 'paranoid' Trump

No evaluation necessary, as 'experts' given green light to weigh in on
president's mental health


New energy source?
Mix water, aluminum nanomaterial

Army scientists testing results of 'bubbling reaction'

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Trump gives hints on Sessions' fate

New clues concerning attorney general's job security after president's public criticism

Jahi McMath

'Dead' girl responds to instructions to move finger

Neurosurgeon supports parents' request to reverse death certificate


Pence breaks tie
to advance
Obamacare repeal

Every Democrat votes to stop discussion
on repairs to failing health-care mandates

Missile silo

Life of Cold War 'Missileman' revealed

This 'computer salesman' really part
of covert government ops

Thomas Jefferson - 600x300

Historian: Louisiana Dems 'have forgotten
their own history'

Party renames 'Jefferson-Jackson' dinner
due to slavery connections