Obama brings in 1,900 people
from another Ebola nation

Virus outbreak independent of crisis in West Africa


Former Secret Service agent
on gun mess: I knew it!

Weapon lost in federal 'Fast and Furious' found at Phoenix crime scene


Obama v. Holder: Who's right about voter ID?

Truth comes out about Justice Department 'con job'


Video: 'Violent thug' caught stuffing ballot box

'America used to be a nation of laws where 1 person had 1 vote'


Researchers: Can't stop Ebola
without travel ban

Scientific analysis shows airport screening ineffective

American Airlines Reservations

Obama puts Ebola-nation travelers
on honor system

Allows passengers from West Africa to self-report

Radio host Rush Limbaugh

'Vile, filthy': Rush rips
Houston mayor's sermon grab

'Cannot figure out why' law enforcement not pursuing her


Ebola screening sends 3 Liberians
to U.S. hospitals

Federal authorities examining passengers at gateway airports


Canadian Parliament shooter was
'Muslim convert'

Soldier gunned down at war memorial had unloaded rifle

capitol police

U.S. Capitol Police: No panic
in wake of Canada attack

Increased awareness but few signs of extra security in D.C.