President Obama disembarks Marine One (White House photo)

Michael Savage: Obama will sabotage economy
on way out

'Wait until you see what happens in the last few months if Trump wins'


John Kasich caught in homeschool dilemma

Governor OK with it, but Ohio agency 'refuses to hire a fully qualified applicant'


Climate hustle: 'They've juiced the science'

New movie exposes huge wealth redistribution scheme fooling world

Comedian Larry Wilmore

Limbaugh peeved by use of N-word for Obama

'Seven-and-a-half years, and that's what it's all meant. Really?'

Republican front-runner Donald Trump and Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton (Photo: Twitter)

Stunning turnaround in Trump vs. Hillary matchup

GOP front-runner's 'branding of his rivals has been lethal so far'


'American ISIS' husband-wife team vaporized
in airstrike

Too bad we couldn't bring 'em back for a big White House welcome!

276 mostly Christian schoolgirls were abducted by Boko Haram in late April 2014. More than 200 remain in captivity, there whereabouts unknown.

2 years later, 'most feared terror group'
still holds schoolgirls

Bishop: Boko Haram 'getting help from somewhere'

Donald Trump

Rush, Buchanan: Anti-Trump protests may be helping Trump

1960s rioters 'helped put Ronald Reagan in governor's mansion'

A rally of pro-illegal immigrant activists in late 2014

Deportations under Obama plummet
by astonishing figure

'Deporter in chief' used slick trick to fool public

Former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

Hillary's former law partner
not endorsing her (or anyone)

Webster Hubbell: 'Nobody would listen to me if I did'