Trump urged to nominate
more than 100 federal judges ... now

Legal expert: 'He may have more front-loaded opportunities than most presidents do'


Quran blamed in new U.S. disease outbreak

Measles spread among Somali refugees stretches health system


ISIS, refugees, Christian persecution?
Chilling prophecy in today's headlines

Bible's startling events converging around the globe – and at lightning speed!

Jim DeMint

Heritage Foundation goes establishment, again

Board dumps DeMint, replaces him with predecessor

Israeli flag

All 100 senators to U.N.: Quit targeting Israel

Global body has reinforced 'scourge of anti-Semitism'


Stunner! Chuck Norris 'forced' into something!

Martial arts pro, tough-guy icon among tough guys, admits it


Must-see video: F-bombing principal unleashes fury,
tells students 'go to hell'

'Shut your mouth ... you do not have permission to speak and engage'


Bar association's speech code
denounced as unconstitutional

Critics contend it's ABA's 'plan to politically purify the legal profession'


Meet Jane: A true tale of a true transgender

Exclusive: Patrice Lewis tells of friend whose offspring is in rare situation


Cops seize tons of fake products worldwide

Pills that cause heart attacks, expired pasta,
counterfeit whiskey confiscated