Politician's Rx for Islamophobia:
All women wear hijabs

'This is another example of the world's leaders bowing to Islam'

Berkeley leftists riot on Feb. 2

The new Civil War:
Radical communists vs. conservatives

Universities have set stage for violence to continue


Trump urged to nominate
more than 100 federal judges ... now

Legal expert: 'He may have more front-loaded opportunities than most presidents do'


2 low marks on Trump's
spectacular immigration scorecard

Watchdog calls for end of 'amnesty' program,
'disturbing' move by White House on key promise


Bill makes sanctuary-city officials
responsible for illegals' crimes

Ohio measure to enforce immigration laws provides for removal from office

Birthplace of stars

Will Christians miss Jesus 2nd coming?

'You know, a lot of people missed the first time He came'


San Francisco grid failure
offers preview of EMP threat

Chaotic situation lasted 7 hours, likely triggered by solar flare

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Holocaust memorial offers reminder:
Allies could have saved millions

Documents show Roosevelt refused to act as Jews were dying at Dachau


ISIS, refugees, Christian persecution?
Chilling prophecy in today's headlines

Bible's startling events converging around the globe – and at lightning speed!


Climate experts:
Global warming doubts
are 'real science'

There are 'good reasons why scientists disagree about this wickedly complex puzzle'