Farmer plows own field, pays $1.1 million fine

Feds unleash on landowner who failed to obtain permit

Sen. Marco Rubio

Big-name Republicans defend violent left

'Hatred' justifies actions by 'alt-left,' says Marco Rubio

Abortion-rights opponents gather at the Washington Monument to hear Vice President Mike Pence speak at the March for Life rally on Jan. 27, 2017, in Washington.

Another state bans taxpayer funding of abortion

GOP governor praises legislature for 'working to protect innocent life'

In Durham, North Carolina, an assembly of communist and socialist groups descended on a statue to Confederate war dead, attached ropes to the bronze figure, and tore the monument down (Photo: Twitter)

The Big List: U.S. epidemic of endangered monuments

'This is not about racial healing. This is about control of the narrative'

A screenshot from a Texas ACLU video promoting its "Pee with LGBT" campaign

'Conservative' state
goes LGBT on bathrooms

Businesses oppose measure
to protect women, children


'Anti-Trumper' accused
of executing
Republican neighbor

'That guy is a menace to society'

Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore

'Ten Commandments judge' Roy Moore headed for runoff for Sessions' Senate seat

Leads pack of GOP candidates but short of 50% for outright win


Petition demands Teen Vogue
take down youth 'porn'

Kids 'often turn to pornography as their sex educators'


Muslim Mafia joins war on Confederate memorials

Urging all governments to remove any symbols of Civil War South


James Dobson: Iceland goes for 'Nazi-era eugenics'

Responds to report that island nation eliminating Down syndrome by abortion