President Donald Trump addressing the United Nations Sept. 19, 2017 (Video screenshot)

Trump's Jerusalem declaration
sparks talk of 3rd Temple

Israeli activist: 'Words of prophecy are coming forth from the Bible and becoming facts'


Ancient pagan 'gods' reappearing
around U.S., world

1st Baal, now war goddess Athena as 'occult is soaring in popularity'

President Trump (Photo: Department of Defense)

Movement embracing Thank Trump campaign surges

Conservative Tribune joins list of promoters


162 Trump accomplishments in 300+ days

Most comprehensive compilation of 1st-year achievements

U.S. Supreme Court

Wrong decision in wedding-cake case
could 'be turned around'

'You can't take this ruling, if it's against Jack Phillips, and just limit it to him'

jerusalem western wall flag

U.S., Israel, Saudis working 'hand in hand'
on new peace deal

'Do not be fooled by phony statements coming from Arab leaders'

Anita Dittman (right) her mother, Hilde, and sister, Hella, faced violence and oppression during the Holocaust in the late 1930s and '40s.

'Trapped' script semifinalist for huge honor

George Escobar, WND VP, among 10 in pursuit of $15,000 screenplay award

Starving polar bear (Photo: screenshot/YouTube)

Maybe that polar bear
is just old ...

Exclusive: Joseph Farah on starving animal that has climate-changers going ballistic


Twice-closed probe reopened into Russian czar's death

Some believe Nicholas, family murdered in 'Jewish conspiracy'


Always have plenty of food – not just today

Emergency supplies a thoughtful, practical solution