Top U.S. school district to 'indoctrinate' teachers against Israel

Courses teach 'Christians and Jews were always better off under Muslim rule'

Jerusalem at dusk, view from the Olive Mountain

New TV partnership brings you
insider Israel coverage

Watch only English-language network produced in Jewish state for Jewish state

James Comey

Crusading lawyer takes action to disbar Comey

Already has complaints pending against Loretta Lynch, Clinton's lawyers


God not needed to be 'moral,' say most Americans

Number of people with no beliefs on rise

Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton (Photo: Twitter)

Lobbyist sues Hillary, DNC
for access to hacked server

Activist probing Seth Rich murder seeks 'secrets' about 'alleged Russian hacking'

(Photo: Twitter)

Call to soldier's mom sparks latest
'knee-jerk' by media to president

Limbaugh: 'It's all designed ... to show that Trump doesn't really care'


Las Vegas security guard resurfaces on 'Ellen' show

Police blame female journalist for 'disappearance' of Jesus Campos


Truth emerges about 'staggering' Islamic link to Vikings

'It's exclusively in the realm
of supposition, not proof'

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Senate probing Hillary 'conflicts of interest'
in Russia uranium deal

Amid new allegations FBI buried evidence of corruption