1. Puzzle 128

    ... . Footnotes, briefly 10. Stare longingly 14. Description for spring 2011? 15. Not very clandestine 16 ... 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 ... . Nickname for Egyptian idol Ra 17. Symbol of solidity 18. Original name for Ulysses S. Grant 19

  2. Have the teachers seen this?

    ... , director $132,700 24) Wayne S. Diviney, asst. exec. director $131,900 25) Gerald T. Gripper, org ... 9)Eugene Dryer, regional director $146,900 10)Earl H. Jones, director $142,200 11) Donald J ... . Keck, org. specialist $141,600 12) Linda Boitano, manager $141,500 13) Phillip A. Moeckli

  3. On Web's 25th birthday, a call for Net Bill of Rights


    ... (VentureBeat) The World Wide Web is 25 years old today. It’s time, says its inventor, Sir Tim ... .” His memo to create the WWW was filed on this day in 1989. (You can extend your birthday

  4. Christian martyrdom accelerated in 2011


    ... Unceasing, accelerating incidents of bloodshed in Nigeria topped Compass top 10 news stories ... of 2011 as Boko Haram and other Islamic extremists lashed out at Christians. Following this top news story ... was the assassination of Pakistans only Christian cabinet member in March 2011; the upholding

  5. Billy Graham: 'Final call' for America to repent


    ... from Harry S. Truman to George W. Bush. He received Barack Obama in his home in 2010 ... in the United States. For more information, log onto www.afj2012.org. "We've been waiting for an idea ... time is significant." In fact, the most in-demand Christian video around today is "Isaiah 9:10

  6. Younger Americans lose faith in Bible

    Jesus Morgado

    ... theBibleand 19 percent are “engaged” with the book. It’s the first time ... in the four years of the survey that the two groups are tied, with skeptics growing by 10 ... percentage points since 2011. The shift is attributed in large part to the growing doubts of the millennial generation and Generation X.

  7. Puzzle 119

    ... 9 10 11 12 ... : var. 10. Relating to Obama's and Soros' latest incursion of American troops overseas 11. Device ... . The mission-ready name of the Christian Research Institute's .org homepage PDF Solution

  8. Dazzling images of total lunar eclipse

    ... A rare total lunar eclipse took place on Dec. 10, the first visible in the United States in 2011

  9. CDC: Valley Fever on rise in Southwest

    JUMP inmate Reggie Lee Reed, wears a mask to protect his lungs from contracting valley fever inside pleasant valley state prison in Coalinga, CA. Wednesday Aug. 29, 2007. Reed is being transfered to another prison because he is in high risk of contracting

    ... of Valley Fever, known medically as coccidioidomycosis, have increased nearly 10-fold between 1998 ... and 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. Cases in Arizona, California ... , Nevada, New Mexico and Utah rose from 2,265 in 1998 to more than 22,000 in 2011, CDCsaid in a statement.

  10. The Eurocrisis comes to America

    ... . 21, it will release revisions to home sales for 2007 through the first 10 months 2011. Home sales ... [A]s noted over a week ago, European banks scrambled to obtain cheap dollars by borrowing over $50 ... billion from the Fed, and plug dollar shortfalls. Yet as all band aid measures designed to offset