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    ... weeks, the MOVIEGUIDE team provides 10 or more reviews of current movies, all from a biblical ... These movie and video reviews are provided by the Christian family magazine MOVIEGUIDE. Every two ... perspective. You can subscribe to the bi-weekly magazine, support this ministry and get it delivered to your home for only $40.

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    ... it delivered to your home for only $40. Movieguide was founded by Dr. Ted Baehr, chairman of the Christian ... According to the website for Movieguide, a non-profit ministry associated with the Christian Film ... at families – but does that mean the films are right for your family? Now WND and Movieguide

  5. Christians work behind the scenes in Hollywood

    ... , from 10 percent in 1991, to 41 percent in 2000, to 60 percent in 2010. Dr. Ted Baehr delivering 2011 ... marked more than two decades of prayer and hard work by Movieguide – since its inception ... , founder of MovieGuide and chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission, gave evidence

  6. Can 'Superman' rescue Hollywood?


    ... ." One of 10 nominated family movies will be named the Best Movie for Families in 2011. In alphabetical ... , television programs and people being honored at the event include the 10 Best 2011 Movies ... It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman and he's joining forces with Movieguide to rescue

  7. Hollywood finally seeing the light?


    ... was on the scene Feb. 10 as Movieguide hosted its 20th Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala ... critic, founder and publisher of Movieguide and a champion of uplifting Hollywood movies ... ="Disney's Bella Thorne (WND photo/Steve Schilling)"][/caption] Each of the stars

  8. Christians urged to watch this on TV


    ... family. WND was on the scene Feb. 10 as Movieguide hosted its gala and Report ... " earlier this month and now Movieguide is asking Christians across the nation to show their support ... . EST. Because Movieguide is a Christian organization, the event related to Christ and glorified Him

  9. Watch 'Faith & Values' stars on red carpet


    ... report documents the impact Movieguide has had on the film industry: 70 percent of the top 10 ... , Movieguide has consistently chosen 25 percent to 40 percent of the winners at the box office ... ." This year's Movieguide Award nominees include six of the top 10 movies in domestic box office

  10. And the winner for best family film is ...


    ... of Movieguide. In the week before the Gala, the two semifinalist lists were boiled down to 10 nominees each ... are among the Top 10 movies in domestic box office. Each year, Movieguide ranks all ... UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. Hollywood celebrated faith and values films at the 21st annual Movieguide