1. Bullet elevator unveiled for world’s tallest building - abc news

    ... http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/lifestyle/2012/02/bullet-elevator-unveiled-for-worlds-tallest-building/

  2. Bullet elevator for world's tallest building


    ... every day. China is currently building the worlds tallest skyscraper. The Shanghai Tower will stand ... at an amusement park. It is the latest in elevator technology and will used by thousands of people

  3. Woman crushed in New York elevator accident

    ... her between the elevator and shaft wall. Read the whole story at ABC News. ... A woman died today when a New York City elevator unexpectedly rose as she was stepping in, crushing

  4. 'The earth is going to be destroyed'

    ... 13th tallest building, the Shanghai Daily newspaper reported Monday. Read the whole story from Fox News. ... "2012" was jailed for two years after threatening to blow up a Shanghai skyscraper unless officials

  5. Mugger goes free, victim arrested

    ... apartment building and then jumped him inside the elevator. A fierce struggle ensued, reports the news ... He survived a violent mugging, but now 80-year-old Lester Campbell faces criminal charges ... off, sending the bullet ricocheting into the ceiling. "He tried to keep the barrel away from him

  6. WTC back on top in NYC


    ... point it is likely to be declared the tallest building in the U.S., and third tallest in the world ... (FOX NEWS) NEW YORK One World Trade Center, the giant monolith being built to replace the twin ... towers destroyed in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, will lay claim to the title of New York City's tallest

  7. Handyman who set woman on fire in elevator indicted for murder

    ... The man police say set a 72-year-old woman on fire in the elevator of her Brooklyn apartment ... building was indicted on murder charges Friday. Jerome Issac, 47, was apparently caught on a surveillance ... Gillespie as she was getting out of the elevator, doused her with accelerant, and set her on fire

  8. Kalashnikov hopes to sell clothes to die for


    ... (ABC NEWS) Looking to update your summer wardrobe? The makers of the AK-47 assault rifle may soon ... have something in your size. The company which produces one of the worlds most popular automatic ... to the Kalashnikov brand. According to Russian news reports the company says that brand may be worth

  9. 40-story skyscraper ablaze in Chechnya


    ... is the tallest building in the north Caucasus region of southern Russia. The fire extends up one whole ... corner of the building with multiple floors ablaze. More than 80 firefighters were required to tackle ... the towering inferno. The 140-metre-high building was opened in 2011 and includes luxury apartments and a five-star hotel.

  10. Police: Shooting suspect could be threat to Obama

    ... ABC News has learned authorities are increasingly concerned that a man sought in connection ... glass, while an additional round has been found on the exterior of the White House. Read the whole story at ABC News ... . The Secret Service now suspects that a bullet fired in this incident may have hit the White House