1. 'Beyond sane, intelligent doubt, evolution is fact'


    ... evolution led me to atheism." It was his faith in evolution that gave him understanding, and that led ... for evolution and for atheism. He is a strong "believer" in evolution. If you ask most atheists ... if the theory of evolution has anything to do with a belief, however, they will tell you that it doesn't. It's

  2. In Australia, Greg Laurie packs 'em in

    ... the Harvest '05 Youth Jam programs on Saturday, Sept. 10, about 1,065 stepped forward to indicate ... responses. 200 churches. One message. With a repeat of 2003's well-attended Newcastle event ... , Greg Laurie's Harvest '05 drew more than 25,000 people (representing more than 15 percent of the city's

  3. Have the teachers seen this?

    ... , director $132,700 24) Wayne S. Diviney, asst. exec. director $131,900 25) Gerald T. Gripper, org ... 9)Eugene Dryer, regional director $146,900 10)Earl H. Jones, director $142,200 11) Donald J ... . Keck, org. specialist $141,600 12) Linda Boitano, manager $141,500 13) Phillip A. Moeckli

  4. GOP witch hunt?


    ... This cartoon originally published at http://conservativebyte.com/2013/05/brewing-scandals/.


    ... If your faith in today's scientific establishment was shaken recently by successive waves of fraud ... warming to evolution, from psychology to sociology, blatant corruption of science is running rampant ... -stimulants like Ritalin?* Top academics admit evolution is "unproven and unprovable," but say it's

  6. ACLU, Moore agree on Ten Commandments?

    ... " to fill out an "Evolution of Law" display. The other markers were supposed to portray the Bill ... , counties and states across the country, the Montana suit alleged the county’s display ... , the ACLU acknowledged the Ten Commandments monument in Custer County was not solely a symbol of faith

  7. Gold dropping? Why not to worry


    ... drop of 2013. Of the 10 sectors of the S&P 500, energy was the worst performer while the telecom ... sector gained," the report said. "Next week, around 170 companies listed on the S&P and 10 stocks ... . Since it reached its peak of $705 back in September, the stock has fallen over 40 percent, causing

  8. 10 things I don't understand

    ... stalwart Darwinists have come up short in that department. It takes a monumental leap of dopey faith ... with that woman." This class act was preceded in 1978 and 1979 by Clinton's ingenious wife, who in 10 months ... ? The liberal media keep reminding us that only hillbillies and mindless religious fanatics deny evolution

  9. Evolution to fall in 2012?


    ... Proponents of atheistic evolution have been hit with some bad news lately, which has one leading ... author proclaiming 2012 may be a tough year for Charles Darwin's theory of human origins. A Gallup ... Faith," says the trend is not surprising "The more that real science science that is truly

  10. The ghost in the machine

    ... what a baby is capable of doing while still in the womb. Wow! Talk about a leap of faith ... images, the software got it right nine out of 10 times. With 1,000 images, the accuracy was eight out ... of 10, which is way beyond the possibility of random chance. For 120 images, if the software were