1. 'Noah' prime opportunity to talk to pagans


    ... there was a global flood. Well, secular geology is based on the earth's crust, those sedimentary ... , undermining the secular geologys misinterpretation of the world." Get "Noah: The Real Story" &ndash ... . Larry Stone’s book fits these criteria perfectly." In his book, Stone shows that many

  2. Israel shakes up information war

    ... a list of the sites Top 10 Blog Posts, based on the number of comments, and has been featured ... neogtiations, & left Gaza in 05. y Hamas launch missiles not peace?, 'we're not at war ... with the PAL people. We're at war with a group declared by the EU& US a terrorist org.'" Charlie

  3. Time magazine's new ape-man

    ... In 1999, following the controversial de-emphasis of evolution in Kansas schools, Time magazine ... ; the rest was plaster, molded by imagination. The most recent issue of Time, dated July 23, takes ... ." The painting is based on some fragmentary bones recently found in Ethiopia by a graduate student named

  4. Top 10 overlooked stories of 2005

    ... to get out of this mess – and believe me, I have a vivid imagination. With the Republicans ... are defensible, being partly based on denominational surveys costing $1.1 billion. History has never seen ... . Also, our much-ballyhooed daily body count in Iraq is less than 1 percent of what it was during all

  5. In Australia, Greg Laurie packs 'em in

    ... churches and 2,500 local volunteers, Harvest '05 featured California-based evangelist Greg Laurie ... the Harvest '05 Youth Jam programs on Saturday, Sept. 10, about 1,065 stepped forward to indicate ... responses. 200 churches. One message. With a repeat of 2003's well-attended Newcastle event

  6. Darwin debunked at Hollywood High


    ... Darwinian evolution that is founded on a lack of observable science and based on blind faith," he said ... are dull. So how is this "Evolution vs. God" project by Christian evangelist Ray Comfort raising so ... . In the film, "Evolution vs. God," the scientists are unable to offer any observable scientific evidence

  7. GOP witch hunt?


    ... This cartoon originally published at http://conservativebyte.com/2013/05/brewing-scandals/.

  8. Poll: Most Americans love Coulter columns!

    ... sex romps with Monica, his support shot up to above 80 percent. Bush did get a majority ... Leadership (9/4/03) – Despite Polls, Pataki Backs Bush on Iraq All the Way (10/3/03) & ... /20/05) – Bad Iraq War News Worries Some in GOP on '06 Vote (8/18/05) &ndash

  9. Is evolution a crazy idea?

    ... of people don't believe in evolution in this country." Perhaps Maher should consider supporting Jon ... Huntsman, who recently tweeted: "To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global ... warming that the whole notion has become something of a joke. As to evolution, we might have

  10. Adam and Eve just an allegory?


    ... claims of overwhelming "scientific facts" backing up the theory of evolution? Well, there are minor ... biological changes in nature. Some people call this "micro-evolution" (if you will), which simply ... of Evolution," once told me in a TV interview, "The evidence for microevolution is abundant.We see minor