1. GOP witch hunt?


    ... This cartoon originally published at http://conservativebyte.com/2013/05/brewing-scandals/.

  2. Hackers crack iPhone's fingerprint scanner


    ... . They photographed the print from a glass surface, laser-printed the fingerprint image on a transparency sheet ... researchers say they've cracked the scanner using a fake rubber print. The researchers ... defeating Apple's Touch ID with a fabricated fingerprint created from a photo of a print

  3. The strange death of Jim McDougal

    ... :05 the helicopter took off and flew over the compound at maybe 150 ft. "Hundreds of us (inmates ... . "During the compound lockdown after dinner, he was injected with a drug in the clinic, supposedly ... many "coincidences": the alleged helicopter, the prison lockdown, the drug test order, the injection

  4. Gold dropping? Why not to worry


    ... is 1:01:05. Previous podcasts: What's to love about gold, silver prices Let ... of the euro ?Welcome to time of unlimited currency printing Lies, propaganda and the 2012 vote ... Today, FoxNews and many other news agencies. His columns have appeared regularly in numerous print

  5. Assigning blame for Newtown


    ... of the 2012 election pretty knocked out two legs of that ideological three legged stool. GOP messaging ... , and staff. We were also assured that the staff and students practice shelter and lockdown drills

  6. Delaware radio 'Shocked by the Bible'

    ... people have about the Bible.At 10:05 a.m. Eastern, Kovacs will appear for the full hour with talk-show ... and then clicking the Listen Live button at the top of the page. Meet Joe Kovacs in person ... television, radio and print newsrooms in the U.S., as well as Budapest, Hungary. Kovacs is also regarded

  7. Becoming your own banker


    ... fund? Podcast is 1:05:02. Previous podcasts: Again? Feds printing and spending more Why ... and the 2012 vote ? Demise of the American war machine 16 trillion reasons why American ... news agencies. His columns have appeared regularly in numerous print and web publications, including

  8. The Duopoly vs. the patriots

    ... The Obama administration's Timothy Geithner admitted on "Meet the Press" Sunday that the U.S ... indicators are still headed south. Meet Joe Miller on WND's Tea Party at Sea cruise to Alaska ... and interest rates of the late '70s, our government will have one of two options: 1) print more money

  9. Bible for feminists

    ... You've come a long way, Virgin Mary? To demonstrate there's no glass ceiling in heaven ... up to a year. Gueterslohe publishing house is expected to print 10,000 copies of the revised Scriptures.

  10. Gunmen attack family leaving church service

    ... the open front door. "They couldn't aim properly because the windows were all tinted glass