1. 'Fat-butt Michelle Obama' gets teacher suspended


    ... high school teacher learned that the hard way when he got suspended for referring to the First Lady ... . But Grisham, whos also the schools head football coach, is only being docked 10 days from that job

  2. GOP witch hunt?


    ... This cartoon originally published at http://conservativebyte.com/2013/05/brewing-scandals/.

  3. Gibbs smacks 'birther-in-chief' Trump


    ... of this campaign. This is a guy whos flown all over this country saying hes not sure ... nut job Donald Trump, who still questions whether the president was born in the United States of America.

  4. Trump to Mitt: Get tough on Obama 'lies'


    ... is because the GOP nominee is a nice man. Theyre trying to make a man whos done a good job look ... is going to fight back very hard. In response to Obama campaign suggestions Romney either committed

  5. Slandering the military?

    ... Hard-left Los Angeles Times' columnist Robert Scheer's Tuesday column should not be missed ... of the report. He rushed into print even as the BBC was walking backward on its own story, as detailed ... . Are they liars and actors as Scheer asserts, or brave, selfless heroes as I and most other Americans believe

  6. Where is America's soul?

    ... . That is the tragedy of 2012. The Democrats are attempting to propel the U.S. into a brave new world of socialism ... Republicans and conservatives with questions about women's issues. Democrats make assumptions about ... Latinos are conservative, hard-working, Christian (Catholic), believe in family structure, etc., so why

  7. It is up to you and me

    ... to ask hard questions. The president of Soldiers For The Truth, retired Marine Lt. Col. Roger ... global fight against terrorism, I'm gearing up in '05 to go up against the Pentagon's increasingly ... with the truth until enough concerned citizens demand that Congress set up a congressional

  8. America demands truth on Benghazi

    ... Several months ago, on Sept. 11, 2012, four brave American diplomats were killed and 10 other ... Islamist militant group and screaming,"All?hu Akba." With just these basic facts, it's not hard ... of jihad. So, why has it been so hard for the Obama administration to say this?What did they know

  9. War casualty tolls now MIA from newspapers


    ... subsequent war for the U.S., newspapers would list the cost to the nation's brave sons and, later, even ... in 2009, 18 in 2010, four in 2011, and two in 2012, the last one in August. As far as when we run them ... to prominently print the "toll boxes." Killings have not ended in Iraq; 26 people were killed

  10. Paul Ryan: Flim-flam man

    ... offering vouchers not even big enough to cover the cost of basic health care. And he includes in his ... during the 2012 campaign. Just like his last two nonstarters, Ryan's 2014 budget is also all about ... , its publication this week raises, I believe, two fundamental questions. First: What kind of time