1. How to trash the economy with just 1 bill

    ... go down. Energy prices would rise nearly 20 percent from 2012 to 2030. And all this possibly ... cripple the economy. But never mind that. Who cares if the plan severely damages the economy? Who cares ... , "perhaps even smaller than the .07 of a degree Celsius drop in temperature that many scientists expected

  2. Obama skipped intel briefings prior to attacks

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    ... /president/2012-09-06 9/7/2012-http://www.whitehouse.gov/schedule/president/2012-09-07 9/8/2012 ... Obama attending his daily intelligence briefing--known as the Presidential Daily Brief (PDB ... Chris Stevens and three American members of his staff: 9/6/2012-http://www.whitehouse.gov/schedule

  3. Never say never

    ... Florida ["Hero general: Obama following Castro's plan"]. The sad story here is that the media we ... the guts to call this man, Barack Obama, what he really is a Marxist communist! Even Bill "O'Really

  4. Conservative activists: Bring it on


    ... (POLITICO) LAS VEGAS Mitt Romney may top the 2012 ticket this fall, but conservative activists ... their ranks than the former Massachusetts governor. Following the failure of Democrats and labor ... unions to oust him two weeks ago, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is being hailed as a conquering hero

  5. The Bush push to militarize America

    ... (HSPD-20) Presidential Directives signed by the president May 6 and posted to the White House website ... a national emergency. NSPD-51 and HSPD-20 make no specific reference to the National Security Act ... -20, President Bush could avoid having to wait for a decision by the state of Louisiana to mobilize

  6. The madness of Newt Romney

    ... to be less unattractive than Barack Obama and capable of winning the general election, Republicans should ... straightforward. Newt Romney is not Barack Obama. Newt Romney is believed capable of defeating Barack Obama ... due to its generally moderate position approximately half way between Barack Obama and Republican

  7. Waters muddied over Wikipedia eligibility spat

    ... been largely on the Obama administration for its role in concealing all of the president's citizenship ... -related records (and for misrepresenting the Obama online Certification of Live Birth as an original ... to vet vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. "I had nothing to do with vetting Obama

  8. Income for poor plunges 7% under Obamanomics


    ... be up is down." For example: When Obama entered office in January 2009, total nonfarm payroll ... years ago, any employment shortfall is unusual; but economists call the Obama jobs gap downright ... . When Obama stepped into the Oval Office in January 2009, consumer confidence was 61.2 percent

  9. Egypt eyes Obama's brother for terror list


    ... against Malik Obama with the Egyptian attorney general and the Egyptian High Court, petitioning to put ... with Egyptian Attorney General Hisham Barakat, against Malik Obama, accusing him of supporting terrorism ... to Shoebat. In October 2012, WND reported a separate foundation, the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation

  10. Soros group wants Obama to rule by executive order

    ... President Obama delivering his weekly address NEW YORK &ndash ... . The article recommends that President Obama govern from executive order to push through ... Progressive Caucus, and let's push Obama to finally do the right thing through as many Executive Orders