1. Foreigners vote online for U.S. president

    ... can now do so, courtesy of a London-based website. GlobalVote2004.org is allowing residents ... in choosing who determines your destiny. This site therefore allows non-Americans to vote in the 2004 U.S ... not constitutionally approved, but it is a serious vote because the U.S. has power over all our lives

  2. America's future: No longer worth celebrating

    ... that the America of 2012, the America Obama and 50 years of progressivism have given us, has a very ... important, a special destiny. But looking around me on July 4th in 2012, thinking about what America has ... become, I got the sickening feeling that Independence Day has changed because our country has

  3. A nation in distress

    ... in Massachusetts?" My answer? "No." You see, there are three things you can count on from Obama ... politicians. I'm talking about the One who gave us our life and liberty. That's why we've reserved ... to God for our nation in distress. Go to www.MayDay2010.org and register your church online. Download

  4. 5-star reviews for 'Isaiah 9:10 Judgment'


    ... this to the attention of your flock!, June 7, 2012: "A friend loaned us this video (which we are now purchasing ... , 2012: "This video was very informative and makes you realize that if the US doesn't turn back ... will! It is simply amazing how a little verse tucked away in Isaiah can have such a prophetic meaning to us

  5. A union of corruption

    ... " because the union members tell us they are. You see, a public service union is NOT based on free ... deeply in debt. But … I guess we could send letters to all of our stockholders and tell them ... agree that the only people that can work for your company are members of the WWW. Believe me

  6. 'S' is for socialism, not shutdown

    ... , Alinskyites tells us this is true. That tells me it's high time to affix the label, the S-word ... more than government inefficiency or rising costs and unemployment. It's about our destiny as a free ... that the conservative revolt has been quelled so the federal government can continue to spend and spend without limits

  7. What they're saying about 'Isaiah 9:10 Judgment'


    ... , "The Harbinger," is the No. 1 Christian book of 2012. In "The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment" this "ancient ... of us at times like this." He then went on to read Isaiah 9:10. "Daschle has no idea what he ... and mourning, we have the Lord's Word to get us through," he said. He then read Isaiah 9:10. He went

  8. A time for choosing

    ... and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital can plan our lives for us ... fortunate. They tell us we're always "against," never "for" anything. We are for a provision ... as high as his strength and ability will take him. But we can not have such reform while our tax

  9. Easy voting explained

    ... Bashford and Doroteo Arango – who I knew would give me straight answers,. "Tell us, Doroteo ... a gleeful laugh. Cumbersome, eh? I can tell you my wife and I registered voters in Texas just ... , and thus mix fact with fiction. He assumes informed readers will be able to tell which is which

  10. Al Gore's 2nd wind

    ... has experience winning a presidential election – or so they'll tell us. He's the ''safest ... leaves us with the man in the on-deck circle, Barack Obama. With only two years' national experience ... facts will offset each other. How so? Engaging in the promotion of America's biggest killer will give