1. Obama skipped intel briefings prior to attacks

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    ... -http://www.whitehouse.gov/schedule/president/2012-09-08 9/9/2012-http://www.whitehouse.gov ... /schedule/president/2012-09-09 9/10/2012-http://www.whitehouse.gov/schedule/president/2012-09-10 9/11 ... Chris Stevens and three American members of his staff: 9/6/2012-http://www.whitehouse.gov/schedule

  2. Meet Obama's favorite astrophysicist

    ... indeed brought back a new "Cosmos" – one that is spewing the same old discredited junk science ... recently on 10 networks, including Fox and the National Geographic Channel. It features astrophysicist Neil ... the public scientifically. Rather, it is designed to instill faith in the public toward science. As Tyson

  3. '2012: The Bible and the End of the World'

    ... , they don't look at 2012 through the lens of Scripture; rather, they look at Scripture through the lens ... craze predicts the end of the world in 2012. TV specials, books, DVDs and even an upcoming major ... biblical view, to boot. In "2012: The Bible and the End of the World," Hitchcock, senior pastor

  4. Streaming planned for stunning prophecy conference lineup


    ... " book, the inspiration behind "The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment," are the bestselling Christian book of 2012 ... speakers will include Cris Putnam about the "End Time Delusion," Douglas Hamp on the "Third Temple," S ... prophecy, science and archaeology over a 30-day window. Stearman says just the daily headlines

  5. Killer robots, crippling cyber attacks


    ... minds have got together to focus their powers on saving humanity from itself. Led by the Astronomer ... Royal and Cambridge don Martin Rees, famous thinkers such as physicist Stephen Hawking and former

  6. 'Enlightened religious' don't use 'Bible as textbook'


    ... , astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, argues that while religion and science can be compatible, religious ... deliberately pits religion against science, providing an animated story about the Catholic Church's ... persecution of the 16th-century monk and astronomer Giordano Bruno, which TIME argues provides

  7. 'Fossil fuel' theory takes hit with NASA finding

    ... will be reported in the Dec. 8 issue of the scientific journal Nature. "This finding confirms one ... been synthetically created in the laboratory, Corsi points out, "and now NASA confirms that abiotic ... inorganically throughout our solar system was a key insight that led Cornell University astronomer Thomas Gold

  8. George McGovern dies at 90


    ... ;CTIME=2012-10-21-08-20-23) George McGovern once joked that he had wanted to run for president

  9. Porn for kids

    ... city we’d be visiting. One museum’s web site included links to other science ... to anything having to do with science or any other part of the museum’s name and thus the web ... spaces, not dot org. Well, why would a sex business want to be associated with a children’s

  10. This day in WND History: May 6


    ... . Official Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno told a Scottish newspaper science is needed to protect ... religion from creationism. "Religion needs science to keep it away from superstition and keep ... it's turning God into a nature god," he said. "And science needs religion in order to have