1. Obama skipped intel briefings prior to attacks

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    ... /president/2012-09-06 9/7/2012-http://www.whitehouse.gov/schedule/president/2012-09-07 9/8/2012 ... -http://www.whitehouse.gov/schedule/president/2012-09-08 9/9/2012-http://www.whitehouse.gov ... /schedule/president/2012-09-09 9/10/2012-http://www.whitehouse.gov/schedule/president/2012-09-10 9/11

  2. 'Vengeance is mine,' saith Satan?


    ... a place on my "Worst films of 2012" list. And for a movie overflowing with religious themes, its ... that the vengeful demon that lives within him and comes out to feed on the souls of sinners sees no distinction ... who does good, not even one" (Psalm 14:2-3; Romans 3:9-20) and, "For all have sinned" (Romans 3:23

  3. Putin's save


    ... This cartoon first appeared at http://legalinsurrection.com/2013/09/branco-cartoon-stranded/.

  4. Lesbians win college's alumni-couple contest


    ... announced the winners Tuesday on the Alumni Association's Facebook page: Dear Alumni, We sincerely ... who shared their heartwarming stories with us. Congratulations to our winners Megan Edwards 09 ... and Katie MacTurk 09. The "Hawkmate" contest was a way for alumni who met on Hawk Hill to share love stories and photos.

  5. Watch asteroid streaking away from Earth


    ... (NBC NEWS) The best way for most of us to watch asteroid 2012 DA14 come within 17,200 miles ... approach will come at 2:25 p.m. ET, when the asteroid is zooming above the eastern Indian Ocean ... at a speed of almost 17,500 mph (7.8 kilometers per second). It'll be too dim to see with the naked eye

  6. Obama's budget spikes federal debt

    ... President Obama's release today of the 2012 budget was met by considerable skepticism, despite ... the details of the budget. Almost immediately after the 216-page plan was released, along ... with a 1,368-page appendix and a third 360-page volume of historical tables, critics pointed out

  7. What Obama does with our guns


    ... This cartoon first appeared at http://legalinsurrection.com/2013/09/branco-cartoon-robin-hood/.

  8. Calls from 3 continents to criminally prosecute HSBC


    ... and corrupt bank that he characterizes as a demon bank." Writing in the December 2012 issue ... with Iran. Levins subcommittee has evidence supporting Cruzs claim. On page 2 of the July 17 ... of dollars in investment accounts, according to an Indian source who provided evidence. 'Demon bank

  9. U.S. knew Libya attacks al-Qaida-linked


    ... operating in Eastern Libya. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/09/26/u-s-officials-knew-libya-attacks-were-work-of-al-qaeda-affiliates.html

  10. Car dealers see sunshine in busier showrooms


    ... has taken to touting the rebound of General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group LLC after the 2008-09 ... taxpayer bailouts, the dealers who sell their cars say revenues are poised to rev up in 2012 after