1. Iran's secret nuclear-bomb factory revealed

    Medicine plant

    ... ="attachment_282601" align="aligncenter" width="617" caption="Scientists linked to Iran's secret bomb ... and after 9/11. Think tank: Iran 2-4 months away from nuclear warhead Zakeri, who has ... that Iran had halted work on its nuclear bomb project in 2003 around the same time that the Iranian

  2. Israel plans strike on Iran nuclear plant

    ... of Iran will hold a nuclear bomb is a nightmare, not only for us but for the whole world." Vice ... : Scientist gave Iran nuke material Report: Iran has secret nuke plant Lecturer: Iran needs ... . Israeli forces reportedly have used a mock-up of Irans Natanz uranium

  3. Israel: EU should not be fooled by Iran

    ... abandon their dream to have a nuclear bomb," Shalom said. Asked whether Israel would attack Iran ... the Iranians from having this nuclear bomb." Any further steps against Iran would need ... biological and chemical warfare projects at a secret plant in northeast Iran that had not been

  4. Iran can produce nuke warhead in days

    ... some 50,000 centrifuges. Iran has designed its nuclear weapons program so that it could produce ... to produce up to 30 nuclear weapons annually. The Iranian nuclear infrastructure includes both open ... and closed facilities, such as the Bushehr nuclear reactor, the Natanz uranium enrichment plant

  5. Iran making anthrax at secret plant


    ... " width="620" caption="DigitalGlobe Image, May 2012 Shahid Bahonar Microbial Bomb plant"][/caption ... " caption="DigitalGlobe Image, May 2012 Expansion of Shahid Bahonar Microbial Bomb plant. Two high ... ] The plant, under the supervision of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, is headed by Dr. Esmaeil

  6. Report: Scientist gave Iran nuke material

    ... Iran obtained weapons-grade uranium and the specific design for a nuclear bomb from an exiled ... of several secret nuclear sites in Iran and is taken very seriously by U.S. and Israeli intelligence ... parties.'' Related stories: Report: Iran has secret nuke plant Lecturer: Iran needs nukes

  7. Photos: Secret plant feeding Iran nuke plans


    ... , the regime is working on its nuclear bomb program from several secret sites unknown to the world ... nuclear program, now comes word that the Islamic regime has created even more secret nuclear sites ... to nuclear weapons. Iran has started to feed uranium hexafluoride gas into four new cascades

  8. Iran's nuclear bomb program complete


    ... [/caption] Iran successfully has built a nuclear bomb with the help of Russia and North Korea ... ="DigitalGlobe SEPT 2012 - Khondab secret nuclear facility"][/caption] The new site, in the belly ... the Islamic regime is working out of seven nuclear sites, most unknown to the IAEA, and that its nuclear bomb

  9. Watch Iranians, they believe war is near, expert warns


    ... where scientists are working on nuclear bomb components says the world needs to be watching closely ... Romney presidency would change the U.S. relationship with Iran regarding its nuclear program. Read ... of Israel, preventing the Jewish state from attacking Iran over its illicit nuclear arms policy

  10. Kerry wishes 'prosperity' for this Islamic regime


    ... " caption="GoogleEarth 12-2012 Image, Quds secret nuclear facility"][/caption] Moreover, the source said ... plant where scientists are working on nuclear weapons that could be aimed at the U.S. The United ... efforts to build a nuclear bomb. "We sincerely hope Iran's leaders choose to fulfill