1. Va. GOP primary: 'My Two Cents can save economy'

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    ... Tea-party leader and Virginia Republican U.S ... are mired in single digits. Ex-Sen. George Allen still leads but Radtke says she is in the same position ... proposal to balance the budget in just four years. She is also the only GOP challenger to Allen who

  2. Social conservative seeks Va. GOP primary nod

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    ... Five months ago Virginia Del. Bob Marshall made a late entry into the Republican field for the 2012 ... issues like frontrunner and former Sen. George Allen. Virginia's primary is on Tuesday

  3. Coach's son blasts politicians for being in 'the game'

    ... George Allen, former Virginia quarterback, governor and U.S. senator, might appear more affable ... . It is perhaps ironic that Allen, who played quarterback at the University of Virginia, also played ... than his father, famed Washington Redskins coach George Allen, who used to prowl and scowl

  4. Is Chris Christie GOP's best hope?

    ... Christie went on, but "to finish the job now watch me do it." Humility is not the governor's strong ... comes closest to him is Rudy Giuliani, hero of 9/11. Christie may be the hero of Hurricane Sandy ... , but Sandy is not remembered nationwide like the shock and horror 9/11. As Rudy won two terms

  5. 'Diversity of sources' key to U.S. energy costs

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    ... of supplies," Virginia Republican U.S. Senate candidate George Allen told WND. Allen discusses

  6. John Muhammad gets death penalty

    ... Convicted D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad – senior partner in an unprecedented reign ... determined this morning. In November, jurors in Virginia Beach, Va., handed down the death ... Meyers at a Manassas, Va., gas station. John Allen Muhammad Muhammad and his 18-year

  7. Fla. county misses deadline for Allen West recount


    ... of a two-day recount in GOP Rep. Allen West's race to remain in Congress, apparently sealing unofficial ... to finish processing 37,379 ballots cast early in the District 18 congressional election. Under Florida

  8. Lawmaker's 'how to slap Washington' strategy


    ... Virginia has passed a new law that bars state cooperation with any federal detention of its ... citizens under Barack Obama's National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, and a lead lawmaker there says ... the American constitutional republic," Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall wrote in a letter this week

  9. 'More harmful foot-dragging from Washington'

    ... Energy policy is emerging as a key issue in the 2012 campaign as gas prices stand twice as high ... that supporters say would create tens of thousands of good jobs. Former Sen. George Allen (R-Va ... ." Allen explains how Obama's energy policies have

  10. Obama weeps at final campaign rally


    ... (NBC NEWS) Des Moines, Iowa For the final campaign event of the 2012 cycle, President Barack Obama ... . Tomorrow we get the chance to finish what we started in Iowa, the first lady said before introducing her husband.