1. Issa drops bomb in 'Fast and Furious' probe


    ... that has become a point of debate in the GOPs Fast and Furious gun-walking probe. The wiretap

  2. Obama bypasses Congress to OK consumer watchdog


    ... the GOPs strategy of keeping the Senate, currently shut down for its holiday recess, technically in session so Obama cant use his power to fill vacancies.

  3. D.C. sniper: 'I was a monster'

    Sniper Suspect Decides Not To Represent Himself

    ... and walkie-talkies. He scanned the area to make sureJohn Allen Muhammadhad a clean shot. He gave the go ... happened to be going about her business at the Home Depot in Virginia at precisely the wrong time.

  4. Rand Paul challenges Hillary Clinton in key Iowa speech


    ... of the incident afterward. Speaking at the Iowa GOPs annual Lincoln Dinner, Paul questioned the initial

  5. Chuck Norris follows up big Newt endorsement


    ... WASHINGTON The GOPs most important celebrity endorser has followed up his official support

  6. Meet the Dhimmicrats

    ... Webb, the challenger to Sen. George Allen in Virginia, was a Marine who served as Ronald Reagan's Navy ... time to finish the job. Finishing the job has been a problem for the U.S. in all of its recent

  7. 5 things Republicans have repealed


    ... of the GOPs existential crisis: 1. Hitler The first time I heard someone call the first black president

  8. Welcome to 'Michiganistan'


    ... by the GOPs lame-duck, legislative supermajority to rule with an iron fist democracy, rule-of-law

  9. Obama stimulus funds tagged for fake zip codes

    ... the nation. West VirginiaWest Virginia Watchdog reported $28 million in stimulus funds ... for that state listed as going to four phantom zip codes: 26661, 26551, 24913 and 2119. Steven Allen of West ... Virginia Watchdog revealed three other zip codes actually belonged to Virginia, not West Virginia

  10. 5 dumbest conspiracy theories about U.N.


    ... to U.S. sovereignty. The GOPs opposition to the treaty was reinforced by right-wing media