1. Muhammad getsdeath for murder

    ... Convicted D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad – senior partner in an unprecedented reign ... determined this morning. Jurors in Virginia Beach, Va., handed down the death sentence after ... centered on the death of Dean Harold Meyers at a Manassas, Va., gas station. John Allen

  2. Why Romney is struggling in the polls


    ... Obama, but just for a minute let us suppose he did say just this at the beginning of 2012. Where ... Obama and elect socially conservative candidates to the House and Senate such as Allen West and Todd ... . Romney please explain why he has a lower approval rating than President Obama in Virginia, which

  3. Can this gang boot Obama from office?


    ... Conference in Washington, D.C. The event will take place Feb. 9-11 at Marriott Wardman Park. At 9 a.m ... ?"; and "Is the Arab spring good or bad for America?" A complete schedule of CPAC 2012 events is available ... at the CPAC website. Other CPAC speakers include: Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn), former 2012

  4. Control of Senate depends on Virginia recount

    ... , while Republican George Allen has 1,165,309, for 49.24 percent. Recounts in Virginia ... in Virginia and ultimately control of the chamber. With 99.88 percent of the precincts reporting ... ;ndash; in the recount, with anticipation the process could stretch out for weeks. Allen told his

  5. Baby's brain tumor contained teeth


    ... from West Virginia in 2012 after a pediatrician noticed that his head was unusually large for his age

  6. Va. GOP primary: 'Prepare to be shocked'

    radio microphone

    ... Allen but score the biggest upset to date in the 2012 cycle. "I speak from the heart and I think ... For months, former Sen. George Allen has been ... suggest he won the encounters with Allen, Delegate Bob Marshall and tea party favorite Jamie Radtke

  7. Media Muslim makeovers!

    ... After all the speculation about the sniper terrorizing Maryland and Virginia, at last we have some ... Muhammad. He belonged to Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam. He cheered the terrorist attack of Sept. 11 ... . He registered his getaway vehicle with the DMV on the anniversary of Sept. 11 – writing

  8. Would you buy a used candidate from Karl Rove?

    ... : "In the past six presidential elections, including 2012, the Democratic nominee has averaged 327 ... Perry. Another big loser, long before 2012, but now even more so: the darling of Fox News, Dick ... statements, Morris predicted that Sherrod Brown would have to find a new job, that George Allen would win

  9. Bob Marshall should be Virginia's next senator

    ... where he can do us some good, he stops being one of our people." But in Virginia lives ... the exception to this rule. His name is Virginia Del. Bob Marshall, R-Prince William, and he is truly ... , pro-family, pro-freedom forces in the Virginia General Assembly. There was not one time in all those

  10. Federal lawsuit over 'botched' Allen West contest


    ... (BREITBART) After one of the most expensive congressional races and recounts of 2012 between Rep ... . Allen West (R) and now Rep. Patrick Murphy (D), Houston-based True the Vote hascommittedto exposing