1. 9/11: Still finger-pointing in all wrong directions


    ... NEW YORK Nearly 12 years after Islamic terrorists attacked the World Trade Center by hijacking two ... America are using 'The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,' as the centerpiece of Bible studies and the movie ... commercial airliners they turned into weapons of mass destruction, Americans are as confused

  2. What possessed disgraced Dems to curse America?


    ... WASHINGTON An important component of 2012's No. 1 Christian book and the No. 1 Christian video ... by Jonathan Cahn, and "The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment," the bestselling faith film in America since March ... Caucus based almost exclusively on Isaiah 9:10 extolling America for following the same course

  3. 'Isaiah' reviews just get better


    ... 11's World Trade Center destruction felled a famous sycamore at Wall Street, at which the New York ... of defiance against terrorists, but Cahn believes that response reflects the same attitude as Isaiah 9:10 ... .'s official response to 9/11 on Sept. 12, 2001, the Federal Reserve let Lehman Brothers fall

  4. NASA: No 2012 doomsday


    ... . Many people point to the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar on Dec. 21, 2012 as evidence ... repeated 12 times. The 13th will end in 2012, capping a full 5,200-year Mayan cycle of creation ... (CBSNEWS) (Livescience.com) On Dec. 21, 2012, many doomsday believers fear the apocalypse

  5. The stagflation squeeze

    ... and groups can take right now in their own lives to offset the negative effects of today’s ... destruction' Last week's spike in wholesale inflation, together with the worst housing data in over ... Peter Kretzmer, a senior economist at Bank of America Corp. in New York, according to Bloomberg

  6. Walmart features 'Isaiah 9:10 Judgment'


    ... faith movie at Amazon.com, Walmart has purchased tens of thousands of copies of "The Isaiah 9:10 ... that could." "Walmart's orders are just the latest indication that 'The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment ... ' is a very unusual movie not only offering shocking documentary evidence that America is under the judgment

  7. Victory in Iraq! Why big press is burying story of the year

    ... of Time: Newton’s Bible Codex Deciphered and the Year 2012" by David Flynn. Or, subscribe ... What kind of headline would you expect newspapers nationwide to trumpet if America won the war ... America has indeed won the war in Iraq! You see, the "mainstream press" isn't really too excited

  8. Are today's baby names abandoning Bible?


    ... three boys names from the Bible in the top 10 list of baby names for 2012. They are Ethan at No. 3 ... in America was a biblical character Hannah. The only other one from Scripture to make the top 10 ... that year was Elizabeth, at No. 10. In 2012, the only Bible name to make the top 10 is Chloe

  9. FBI informant: Taliban already in U.S.


    ... hospital room on one count of using and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction resulting ... in death and one count of malicious destruction of property by means of an explosive device resulting ... here in the soil of America right now, right now," he told CBS4 in Miami. The interview

  10. Movie on 'Clinton-Kerry deceit' debuts

    ... place Sept. 10-12, aims to screen pro-America, patriotic documentaries to serve as an alternative ... the boldness of terrorists, culminating in the 9-11 attack.Says promotional material for the 90-minute movie ... , to the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia to the destruction of TWA Flight 800 off Long Island to the Olympic Park