1. Chuck Norris takes a stand against eggnog


    ... ) anywhere from 115 to 200 calories. And one cup of eggnog has 343 calories! It takes 2,100 continual ... with the best alternative therapies. Write to Chuck Norris with your questions about health ... and fitness. Follow Chuck Norris through his official social media sites, on Twitter @chucknorris

  2. Millions listen to Chuck Norris on 2012 vote


    ... would Chuck Norris' most recent public service announcement asking people to vote in the 2012 ... ," Chuck Norris explains. "If we look to history, our great country and freedom are under attack ... is for good men (and women) to do nothing.' He also quoted Reagan. Chuck Norris concluded

  3. Romney ad has Chuck Norris kicking Huckabee

    ... , "Two good men, both into fitness. Both love Chuck Norris … But where do they stand on crime ... Millions of Americans follow when Chuck Norris leads. The Internet bends to his will. And now even ... . Chuck Norris Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign has produced an Internet

  4. Plea to Christians: Vote for sake of our children


    ... on the request from martial arts champion, television and movie actor Chuck Norris, who with his wife, Gena ... that there were some 30 million Christians who did not vote in the 2008 election, and Barack Obama won by 10 ... that Chuck and Gena Norris created a public service announcement to encourage people of faith to vote

  5. Chuck Norris invites voters to Huckabee fundraiser

    ... Texas ranch. When Chuck Norris endorsed Huckabee in his WND column, support for the former Arkansas ... noted the Chuck Norris endorsement. Now voters across the country are being invited to "attend ... " a fundraiser for Huckabee at WND columnist Chuck Norris' private ranch, via the Internet. Norris

  6. How WND's Chuck Norris kicked off Huckaboom

    ... Chuck Norris When Chuck Norris landed a roundhouse kick during his martial arts ... real-time feedback on consumer trends and opinions." "In the case of the Mike Huckabee/Chuck Norris ... Chuck Norris on Mount Rushmore, but the granite wasn't tough enough for Chuck's beard" &ndash

  7. Real 'reason' for Hitler's downfall? Chuckophobia


    ... and much more. Now it's how Hitler reacted when he learned that Chuck Norris had been unleashed ... on the Third Reich. "Do you realize what Chuck Norris is? I'll tell you what Chuck Norris," Hitler shrieks ... . "If Chuck Norris gets shot today, tomorrow will be the bullet's funeral! It's said he can win

  8. Spin doctors blame Chuck Norris for Reagan's warning


    ... A public-service announcement by martial arts, television and movie star Chuck Norris and his wife ... wrote: "Vote for Romney or Suffer 'a Thousand Years of Darkness,' Says Chuck Norris" from ... Adweek "Chuck Norris: If Obama Is Reelected, It Could Bring About 'One Thousand Years Of Darkness" from

  9. No joke! Chuck Norris becomes columnist

    ... Chuck Norris joins WND Question: Where does Chuck Norris write a weekly column ... are some samples: "Chuck Norris has already been to Mars; that's why there are no signs of life ... there." "They wanted to put Chuck Norris on Mount Rushmore, but the granite wasn't tough enough

  10. Chuck Norris: Let's 'embrace' young offenders

    ... Actor and WND columnist Chuck Norris says society should "embrace" and help youthful offenders ... . Chuck Norris But the context in which many people know him is Chuck Norris jokes ... "find Chuck Norris" and hitting the "I'm feeling lucky button," resulted in: "Google won't search