1. Cruz: GOP has 'leverage' in debt-ceiling fight:


    ... cliff showdown, Mr. Cruz told Fox's Sean Hannity on Tuesday. "With respect to the debt ceiling, we ... (Washington Times) Sen. Ted Cruz said Republicans came out on the short end of the "fiscal cliff ... outcome in the upcoming debt-ceiling negotiations. "Whoever owns the default whoever wins

  2. The day of the Hobbits

    ... the coonskin to the wall. As even the Journal concedes, the final deal to raise the debt ceiling, worked ... of the Tea Party." The Hobbits demanded that the GOP do battle over the debt ceiling ... . The deal cuts spending by $900 billion and raises the debt ceiling an equal amount. It mandates further

  3. Even with deal, 3 more 'fiscal cliffs' loom


    ... (MONEY.CNN) Think the fiscal cliff is causing uncertainty and holding back the economy? How about ... the debt ceiling and temporarily puts off most of the automatic spending cuts otherwise set to take ... three more cliff-like deadlines over the next three months? That's what's in store if Congress

  4. Boehner rejected by 6-1 margin in poll


    ... opposed Boehner's vote for the fiscal cliff deal. The U.K.'s Guardian reported that conservatives ... debt ceiling extension. All that has to count for something," the Guardian opined. ... less revenue than Obama demanded" in the fight over the so-called "fiscal cliff." The so-called

  5. 40% expect Obama to punish public over debt-ceiling battle

    ... spending away the future, and a stunning 4 in 10 believe if the debt ceiling isn't raised, President ... an increase in the debt ceiling to be the best solution has more than doubled – moving from 10 ... percent say the debt ceiling should be raised so President Obama can borrow and spend more money

  6. Senator: Obama 'crazy' to claim unilateral debt-ceiling power


    ... , included a provision allowing the White House to raise the debt ceiling without the consent of Congress. "Well, it's outrageous," Cornyn said on Fox News. ... , on Friday panned a proposal by the White House that would allow President Obama to raise the debt ... ceiling without congressional approval. Cornyn was referring to a plan Treasury Secretary Tim

  7. Gold dropping? Why not to worry


    ... drop of 2013. Of the 10 sectors of the S&P 500, energy was the worst performer while the telecom ... sector gained," the report said. "Next week, around 170 companies listed on the S&P and 10 stocks ... savings now! Germans want gold reserves returned 'The unbelievably bogus debt ceiling debate

  8. Paycheck to paycheck, and what to do about it


    ... : Boosting your savings now! Germans want gold reserves returned 'The unbelievably bogus debt ceiling ... The real story about the fiscal cliff Last hurrah from a state statesman Market ... won't remove America's year-end fiscal cliff Housing starts up, prices grow, and that's bad

  9. 'The unbelievably bogus debt ceiling debate'


    ... the Washington fight that is brewing over the debt ceiling is "unbelievably bogus." "I guess I have ... and disingenuous debt ceiling debate Those heavily entrenched in the right-left paradigm, may want to skip ... the debt ceiling debate and its impact on gold. We also talk about Germany's gold repatriation along

  10. Embrace the 'fiscal cliff'


    ... (Tea Party Tribune) -- America faces a Fiscal Cliff in January. Well, no, actually, it doesnt ... fall at the Democrats feet. This vastly-misnamed Fiscal Cliff is the Tea Partys friend ... . It was a condition we demanded in exchange for raising the debt ceiling in 2011. We insisted on it because