1. Hillary claims, 'I never give up!'

    ... for "eavesdropping" "The real story behind the Clinton body count" by New York Times best ... the press reports on the New York senator's stump speeches and delegate count and so on, the one ... $1,000-to-$100,000 futures trade, about her repeated episodes of obstructing justice, hiding

  2. What does 2012 really hold for the world?


    ... 21, 2012? The ancient Mayans were expert astronomers and their advanced calendar cycles predict 12/21 ... the hype about the ancient Mayan calendar suggesting the demise of human civilization taking place in 2012 ... claims a demonic plot bringing about the end date could be hiding in plain sight inside the U.S

  3. What does 2012 really hold for the world?

    ... Mayans were expert astronomers and their advanced calendar cycles predict 12/21/2012 as a catastrophic ... It's finally here – 2012. What is the spiritual significance ... suggesting the demise of human civilization taking place in 2012, one American author wants everyone

  4. 2 who must go in 2012

    ... ; and that's exactly what Boehner's leadership has wrought. Yes, our focus in 2012 needs ... Barack Obama must go in 2012 if America is to survive as a free, independent, self-governing nation ... needs to be challenged and defeated in the 2012 elections – and he is a Republican

  5. Give back the tired, poor … criminals

    ... , but it’s the story behind the headlines that’s of import to the whole country ... of the crimes put the 27-year-old Ukrainian immigrant on the FBI’s 10 most-wanted list ... . For 10 days he’d been the focus of a nationwide search which extended from California

  6. A 12-step program for Republicans

    ... to do something drastic in 2012. The 12 steps are actually 12 months of a sustained effort to infuse ... focus to convince Republicans to stop trying to compromise with Democrats and to use the absolute ... What America needs is a good 12-step program for Republicans. If Republicans actually believed

  7. Truth about Allen West’s ‘80 communists in the House’


    ... ;Communist Party USA: Unite behind Obama” by Drew Zahn, quoting the group’s leadership ... urging party members to support Obama in 2012 “Who – and what – is behind ... revolutionary who predicted the world’s workers would rise up and conquer all the evil factory owners

  8. Newt's in – but here's what he thinks of D.C.

    ... during the process – all recorded in his brand-new book, "Catching Our Flag: Behind ... was joking.) The synapses of his brain fired at too high a rate, making it hard for him to focus on any ... we absorbed his newest powerful idea, Newt was off on 10 new topics, all brilliant and all worthy

  9. Gun-rights supporter? Now you're crazy

    ... . There are those who peer at us with narrowed eyes and wonder what dark secrets we're hiding behind our happy ... . We're healthy. We're happy and stable. Nothing dysfunctional about our family! Which ... focus on the mental health of our nation and the role of guns in reducing the abundance of crime

  10. On this day in WND History


    ... are some key events in the history of WND. 'WorldNetDaily' becomes WND Jan. 1, 2012: After 15 ... of something better. On New Year's Day 2012, "America's Independent News Network" got a new name, a new ... as a miracle in Tallmansville, W.Va., with the announcement of 12 trapped miners found alive turned