1. Are you living close to 'cancer generator'?


    ... , "Is your beloved cell phone killing you?" The study went on to conclude that between 1999-2004 ... secured with wallpaper paste. Read the startling report "Is your beloved cell phone killing you?" ... was conducted in Germany titled "The Influence of Being Physically Near to a Cell Phone Transmission Mast

  2. 1-day offer marks 400th birthday of King James Bible

    ... the regular price today, your order also qualifies you to receive three FREE issues of WorldNetDaily's ... ; the most revered and beloved translation of the most revered and beloved book in history &ndash ... ; WorldNetDaily is offering, for one day only, our heirloom-quality, giant-print, red-letter KJV Bible

  3. Becoming your own banker


    ... What if you could be your own banker? That's ... estate plan in the cell phone business that he expects to soar in the coming months ... of Our Nation: 12 Key Strategies For Protecting Your Finances In These Uncertain Times." Jerry

  4. What's new in WND's Christmas Store?

    ... ) "What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You." "Joy to the World ... From Bibles to money-management books, from beloved Norman Rockwell art prints to books ... store, ShopNetDaily. With only 12 days left before Christmas, a special new gift section, dubbed

  5. Is your beloved cell phone killing you?


    ... . That device is your mobile phone. Cell phones have been so woven into the fabric of life ... " -- is the fear of being without any cell phone contact. People, especially young people, have become so ... being out of cell phone contact and have feelings of anxiety when they lose touch. More than 50 percent

  6. Why wouldn't they use death panels?

    ... , Republicans (not RINOs) and veterans as a killing machine modeled after George Soros' beloved Nazis. Connie B. ... on all citizens' emails and phone calls, classifies Christians and patriots as terrorists, etc ... . Don't you think that it will use the death panels of Obamacare against Christians, tea partiers

  7. Minuteman caravan heads toward Crawford, Texas

    ... R.V. "The cell-phone reception is not always great," Gilchrist acknowledged, "but one thing you ... ." The Minuteman Caravan is scheduled to arrive in Washington, D.C., for a final rally on May 12 ... of the Minuteman Project permits those who are interested in joining the caravan to register. "Drive your

  8. Miss Manners with a gun?

    ... While many Americans agree it is bad manners if your cell phone rings during a movie, a Broadway ... makes or receives a cell phone call, or fails to disable a phone's ringer, during an indoor ... first-ever "cell phone etiquette" law – one that may rapidly spread to other states, says

  9. Obama's face soon to pop up on your cell phone

    ... that gives our so-called texter-in-chief the ability to bring Big Brother to your cell phone. When President ... as a personal alert on your cell phone to warn of a crisis, the PLAN, or Personal Localized Alerting Network ... as a remote control. Or you can use Lockitron, the key to unlocking your door with your phone. Watch for many

  10. Peter Singer's dangerous ideas

    ... or at a restaurant and scream into your phone at the top of your lungs. And, if you're driving a car, you had ... not that expensive, and if you can afford the cell phone in the first place, you can certainly afford ... the headset. Check out these safe driving tips for cell phone users and just -- you know -- use