1. Bullet 'health' fears dry up ammo supplies


    ... Agency within the DHS. Even the U.S. military is supposed to shift to "green," non-toxic or lead-free ... of lead. The result? Ammo supplies for law-abiding citizens have dried up in recent months ... Bronson of the Minnesota-based National Shooting Sports Foundation. Some sources even describe



    ... with? To radio talker Mark Levin, the answer is that our society is unraveling and DHS is preparing ... airports to bus terminals and subways. Even local police forces increasingly resemble an occupying army ... thief by David Kupelian Obamas troubling track record on civil liberties by John W. Whitehead, who

  3. Expert to Congress: EMP 'clear and present danger'


    ... until later will only prove to be even more costly. The DHS Science and Technology Directorate ... to the American public. But a copy obtained by Pry from sources within DHS finds North Korea could use its Unha ... security. More troubling, our enemies know, Franks said in Thursday's testimony. Franks cited

  4. Feds admit drying up ammo supplies


    ... not been disclosed, DHS last month awarded a $49,000 contract to Grace Ammo LLC for a similar batch ... of ammo for the Artesia facility. DHS in January purchased an additional 200,000 rounds ... Texas, consumers and police alike reported problems. South Carolina's ammo supply for police

  5. Americans say abortion morally wrong by 3-to-1 margin


    ... (LifeNews) A new Pew research poll finds Americans say abortion is morally wrong by a 3-1 margin ... . However, Americas are still divided on the issue of embryonic stem cell research even though ... March 21 to April 8, 2013 and asked them about abortion, stem cell research and in-vitro fertilization

  6. Lawmakers warn Obama to consult on Syria


    ... groups. We have two very bad options in Syria, but the last thing that the American people want is to get ... there is proof that we are about to be attacked." Biden even suggested it was an impeachable ... approval for a military strike, and a list of the signees, is below. August 28, 2013 We strongly urge

  7. Climate-change disbelief rises in America


    ... percent, up 7 percentage points since April 2013. The latest survey, taken in November 2013, finds ... are "somewhat" or "very" worried about the consequences. The proportion of people who do believe in climate ... change has been steady since April 2013, but the proportion of those who say they "don't know" whether

  8. The Gestapo at Obama's DHS

    ... as a hero at "Democracy Now." Johnson had left DHS to form his own consultant company in 2009. He ... has written a book on his experiences at DHS, which he is promoting by now claiming he left DHS ... ," was distributedby Obama's Department of Homeland Security, or DHS,to more than 850,000 U.S. state

  9. DHS caught busing in illegal Somalis from Mexican border

    DHS buses carry immigrants from the border to detention centers where they are processed, given a court date and released.

    ... to official DHS data, 688 Somalis entered the U.S. as asylum seekers between 2004 and 2013. Asylum ... at the border. According to DHS data, 139 Libyans crossed into the U.S. between 2011 and 2013, while only 20 ... [caption id="attachment_2008115" align="aligncenter" width="598"] DHS buses carry immigrants from

  10. Read between the lines

    ... not be any ammo left to refill them. No bullets, no reason to have the high-capacity mags. I think she ... . With the way the government is buying up ammo, once you empty your magazines, there just might ... knows something and let it slip. Sometimes you have to read between the lines. Russian ammo