1. If America were a healthy nation

    ... purchasing of ammo by the Department of Homeland Security. The DHS has issued an open purchase order ... people at heart, would we even need to worry about either of these stories? The answer ... currently at the top of Republican Party merely want a seat at the ruling table, where left-leaning

  2. Critical ammo shortages affect U.S. military stocks


    ... manufacturers. "The small-arms ammunition situation in this country is currently very bad," said ... and even the military has a problem getting it," Farnam said. There are indications that the U.S ... . military is looking abroad for the components that make up a round. "Ammo is in waning supply

  3. Senators: DHS 'data centers' terrorize citizens

    Joint Regional Intelligence Center in Norwalk

    ... distributing brochures to farm supply stories, gun shops, military surplus stores and even hotels ... . "The subcommittee investigation found that DHS-assigned detailees to the fusion centers forwarded ... found "that DHS officials' public claims about fusion centers were not always accurate

  4. Washington still sucking up ammo supplies


    ... contract to Grace Ammo LLC for a similar batch of ammo for the Artesia facility. DHS in January ... that citizens and even police forces have been unable to meet their own needs. Lawmakers looked ... even arm most of its agents. The FedBizOpps.gov website reports that the TSA is seeking

  5. Why does Obama need 1.6 billion bullets?

    ... and ambushes of the battlefield. Why does DHS need such offensive and defensive firepower ... ? Remember, DHS stands for Department of Homeland Security, and "homeland," just to be extremely clear ... , Infowars.com, WND.com for months, even years. As noted by Natural News, another "alternative" source, it's

  6. Big Sis: Ammo bought in bulk to 'lower costs'

    ... website yesterday, April 1, 2013. The response, dated February 4, 2013, says that DHS buys ammunition in bulk to "significantly lower costs." ... (CNSNEWS.COM) The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has responded to a letter dated November 13

  7. Anti-jihad group helps fill U.S. ammo shortage

    ... the appropriate actions now, our children will be left to carry on the battle against an even stronger ... address both the short supply of commercial ammo and the need to alert Americans about the threat ... troubling economic times," says the president of America's Truth Forum, Jeff Epstein. Purchasers

  8. 'Right-wing extremists' greater threat than ISIS?


    ... dangerous than even the Islamic State terrorists beheading, crucifying and burning innocent human ... had no authority over them. The DHS intelligence assessment found, "(Sovereign citizen) violence ... home, during enforcement stops and at government offices." A CNN map shows DHS' examples

  9. Inhofe: DHS ammo grab to 'dry up' supply


    ... son, can't even buy ammunition because government is purchasing so much." The DHS has claimed it's ... – or AMMO – bill, which is designed to limit non-defense, armed federal agencies to pre ... day the DHS has the 'right' – this is a bureaucrat who said this – they have the 'right

  10. Obama's DHS failing on all 5 main missions


    ... of Homeland Security, which has found major problems in the branch. The report finds that Homeland Security ... of the Department of Homeland Security finds that the Department still has a lot of work to do to strengthen our ... and refocus DHS on national priorities where DHS has a lead responsibility."