1. Defending The Jefferson Lies

    ... Huffington Post,[22] even though in 2008, he attacked that site as being part of the "far Left."[23] He also ... claims. For instance, the editor of a conservative national news magazine observed: Left-wing ... these attacks, he openly confessed to me that he knew very little about history. Only four of the ten

  2. Pat Robertson: 'Who are they going to shoot, us?'


    ... on his CBN broadcast yesterday, Robertson characterized the DHS ammo purchase and its acquisition

  3. Obama slams new media


    ... ://dailycaller.com/2013/03/11/obama-slams-new-media-curries-favor-with-skeptical-establishment-news-outlets/#ixzz2NFU6Tv47

  4. Poll: Most Americans love Coulter columns!

    ... : – Poll Finds Most in U.S. Support Delaying a War (2/14/03) – Opinions ... Iraq War, Poll Finds (6/4/03) – Study Finds Europeans Distrustful of U.S. Global ... Begin to Shift as Public Weighs Costs of War (3/26/03) – World's View of U.S. Sours After

  5. DHS whistleblower: Terrorism is not the enemy


    ... law. They share that goal with every other Islamic terrorist organization on the planet, even those ... force of the sun. "They don’t roam around in the solar system randomly. They have very ... was investigated by the FBI for contact with a man who fought for al-Qaida in Syria. In 2013, he claimed

  6. 'Where's the fence?' activist asks Congress

    ... should not be left to legislators who have never even visited our border." On Nov. 6, DHS released ... the Hutchison amendment into the DHS funding bill, Hutchison intends to give DHS total discretion ... and 2007," Elliott argues Hutchison first suggested this type of legislative modification on the very

  7. Asians in U.S. poised to surpass whites in wealth


    ... changed very much save for one big exception: Asians. "Asian families' median income already has ... ,'' a new report out from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis finds. An Asian family had an inflation ... -adjusted median wealth of $91,440 in 2013, up almost 43 percent from 1989, it found using data from

  8. Cops opt for 'the fix' after mom's puzzling death

    Miriam Carey

    ... officers. Miriam Carey was shot to death Oct. 3, 2013, by federal officers after a car chase ... to the deadly chaos. NBC News reported an alleged failure in radio "interoperability" that left ... is to address the situation, even if there had been a problem with radio contact," she said. "If someone can't

  9. DHS flags tweets about 'militia,' but not 'jihad'


    ... ." Perhaps those are on a different DHS red flag list? The Electronic Privacy Information Center sued ... contained within DHS' 2011 'Analyst's Desktop Binder,' which, according to a Forbes report ... that reflect adversely on DHS and response activities.'" Meanwhile, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky

  10. Ex-NYPD cop hunts for truth on mom slaying

    Miriam Carey

    ... ." It has been almost four months since Carey was killed on Oct. 3, 2013. Serious questions ... that the authorities may have overreacted. The libertarian in me thinks this was a very dangerous ... and Maryland Avenue have surfaced. Officials wont even confirm if video of the incident exists