1. Pentagon pulls description of protesters as 'terrorists'

    ... even more concern that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is unconstitutionally targeting ... Center, has told WND that as part of his organization's research for its lawsuit over the DHS ... curiosity was a reference by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano in the original report to not only

  2. Greetings from your friendly neighborhood terrorist

    ... not fanatical Muslims or even phantom right-wing extremists they were said to be fanatical ... a growing trend to conduct many DHS terrorist drills and exercises to acclimate Americans to martial law ... to this trend has ranged from barely tolerant to outright hostility; but the very notion

  3. DHS scrapped flight-list plan as transatlantic threat grew

    ... for the airline industry," they asserted. DHS backed off even though Congress in 2004 mandated ... : Where America Is Vulnerable To Attack." "By the time DHS finds out about it, it may well be too late." Previous stories: ... urging the cell to rush the plan – that DHS went back to the airlines and proposed

  4. Police slaying of unarmed mom goes global

    Miriam Carey, on far right, was shot dead by Capitol Police under mysterious circumstances.

    ... upon the Iranian report, telling WND, “We are very judgmental in this country. We criticize ... ." Having chronicled numerous cases of police abuse, Whitehead went even further, claiming ... officers, supervisors, managers and other related employees." Carey was shot to death Oct. 3, 2013

  5. The downing of United Airlines Flight 93

    ... plane began a left turn to the south near Cleveland, Ohio. By 9:39 a.m., it completed the turn ... happened. So you can imagine everything was very tense in the NMCC. We had basically lost ... program, by Gen. Winfield: "It was about, you know, 10:03 that the fighters reported that Flight 93 had

  6. Hollow-point bullets for gunning down seniors?


    ... Michael Savage Savage devoted considerable airtime this week to troubling reports that federal ... Administration suddenly need 174,000 rounds of .357 hollow-point pistol ammo?" he asked. "A message ... ., abortion "gaffe" instead of reporting on stories that really matter. In fact, Savage pointed out, even when

  7. DHS study: North Korea capable of EMP attack on U.S.


    ... to the American public. However, a copy obtained by Peter Vincent Pry from sources within DHS finds ... delivery, emergency services and space systems. DHS conducted the study after the spring 2013 nuclear ... big against the U.S.” Vulnerable backside In its suppressed study, DHS said that if North

  8. 'Violence tax' on guns, ammo in Chicago?


    ... learned. Such a tax alone wouldnt close a $115 million budget gap in 2013, but it could at least ... that includes the courts and jail. If we were to pursue a tax on something like guns and ammo, clearly



    ... it, disguising it is a secret language of the left, a language most citizens neither understand nor even ... revolutionaries of the radical left. EVEN BETTER OFFER: Subscribe, renew or give a gift subscription ... on which the left consistently lost. In fact, two recent Supreme Court decisions 2008s District

  10. Big Sis: The new J. Edgar Hoover?

    ... to resemble the legendary FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, who left many Americans fearful of saying ... returning to that state of fear? I ask this because of a Feb. 16 congressional hearing on "DHS ... FBI agents even knocked on my door, but I politely wouldn't let them in; I told them they didn't