1. 'Staggering': 680,000 Muslims to U.S. under Obama

    Syrian refugees (Photo: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

    ... period encompassing 2009 through 2013, according to Department of Homeland Security data ... titled "The Troubling Math of Muslim Immigration." In fact, many of the recent terrorist attacks ... in 2013 and the Chattanooga shooting earlier this year. Sessions' immigration subcommittee has

  2. Obama funds left-wing hit squad with your tax dollars


    ... . Media Matters even has its critics on the left. The New York Times describes Media Matters ... administration is using your tax dollars to back a super-wealthy, left-wing charity that cuts checks ... having $4.7 billion in assets under its management. Zuckerberg pledged in December 2013 to give

  3. Obama stormtroopers ignore jihad, target right

    ... violent extremism." The DHS report unveils the Obama doctrine – ignoring the jihad ... accusations in a similar DHS report in early 2009. It is a strategy. "Some federal and local law ... and destruction. The rest is only a matter of time. This DHS report is a covert declaration of war

  4. The one bright spot in 2013 news


    ... Kermit Gosnell on infanticide charges. "The 2013 year is going to be a very historic year. More pro ... "] Liberty Counsel Chairman Mathew Staver says 2013 will go down as a historic year in the fight to save ... the unborn. He believes America is in even greater peril as a result of the homosexual agenda

  5. Why first responders won't respond

    ... of the Department of Homeland Security. The DHS is very focused on interdiction, government continuity ... Though the war on terror continues, the U.S. government has left the public completely exposed ... to discuss is small-scale "dirty bombs" because that is the only threat they have prepared for, but even

  6. Figures don't lie, but liars figure

    ... high explosive ammunition" and fuses found on the ranch match the ammo the two artillery battalions ... Shoaf lose any of his prized Texas longhorns to Fort Hood's not-so-friendly fire. A very ... embarrassed U.S. Army has suspended all artillery practice at Fort Hood until it finds out what happened

  7. LGBT activists: Marriage was never the 'end game'


    ... , employment and religious practice. An op-ed in the Nation, a left-of-center magazine, provided ... without rights' Particularly troubling to the three Nation authors were the existence of what they call ... without rights," the authors wrote. "Very few people actually give time or money to queer

  8. Feds searchall airliners

    ... . The bags, left on planes in Houston and New Orleans last night, were accompanied by notes expressing ... left these items onboard. We will cooperate with the federal authorities to investigate this thoroughly ... is examining the finds, but stated, "I think it's safe to fly." Some of the FBI's 84 joint terrorism task

  9. Famous Republican about to fall out of sight?


    ... against a food-stamp reform bill (2013 House Roll Call Vote 476) when in fact, Stockman voted ... attacked Cornyn for a testy interview Cornyn gave the left-leaning Austin American Statesman in which ... have never even visited the border," Brian Walsh, then communications director for Cornyn, told WND

  10. Feds clearing way for drones over your house


    ... government surveillance through the use of drones are even more troubling. The ability to link facial ... expressed an unreserved horror. "I'm going to go hard left on you here. I'm going to go ACLU. I ... a lot of them. You may have to use a very high powered one. You may have to use a bazooka. I'm