1. Big Sis: The new J. Edgar Hoover?

    ... to resemble the legendary FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, who left many Americans fearful of saying ... returning to that state of fear? I ask this because of a Feb. 16 congressional hearing on "DHS ... FBI agents even knocked on my door, but I politely wouldn't let them in; I told them they didn't

  2. Guns & Ammo editor fired for pro-gun-control editorial


    ... (Mediaite) Guns and Ammo Magazine, the "world's most widely read firearms magazine," has fired ... contributing editor Dick Metcalf after the publication received immense backlash for its December 2013

  3. Obama implementing amnesty through 10 memoranda


    ... was implementing the measures outlined in his Nov. 20 speech to the nation through a DHS memorandum signed ... in the U.S. to include virtually every illegal alien currently in the U.S. Moreover, none of the DHS ... after DHS starts implementing these new rules, Krikorian said. None of these memoranda are based in law

  4. 'Gay' Americans: Dupes for Marx


    ... appears in his 1848 "Communist Manifesto." Yes, even way back then, the extreme left was looking ... By Paul Kengor "Abolition of the family! Even the most radical flare up at this infamous ... marriage and the traditional family together. Nonetheless, that hasn't deterred the far left, which



    ... it, disguising it is a secret language of the left, a language most citizens neither understand nor even ... revolutionaries of the radical left. EVEN BETTER OFFER: Subscribe, renew or give a gift subscription ... on which the left consistently lost. In fact, two recent Supreme Court decisions 2008s District

  6. Obama stormtroopers ignore jihad, target right

    ... violent extremism." The DHS report unveils the Obama doctrine – ignoring the jihad ... accusations in a similar DHS report in early 2009. It is a strategy. "Some federal and local law ... and destruction. The rest is only a matter of time. This DHS report is a covert declaration of war

  7. Why first responders won't respond

    ... of the Department of Homeland Security. The DHS is very focused on interdiction, government continuity ... Though the war on terror continues, the U.S. government has left the public completely exposed ... to discuss is small-scale "dirty bombs" because that is the only threat they have prepared for, but even

  8. Clinton Foundation 'could Enron' PricewaterhouseCoopers


    ... Foundation did not even bother to submit an audit when it submitted its IRS Form 990, since the 2013 PWC ... submitted the 2013 Form 990 to the IRS. He finds it difficult to understand how 2013 IRS Form 990 ... work product for 2013 is riddled with uncorrected errors and falsehoods" as well as procedural defects

  9. Obama funds left-wing hit squad with your tax dollars


    ... -profit tax status of conservative groups. Media Matters even has its critics on the left ... of taxpayers. Even worse, many of these groups want to remake society along radical left-wing lines ... ; The Obama administration is using your tax dollars to back a super-wealthy, left-wing charity that cuts

  10. Nailing the guilty

    ... responsible for the many grievous, even criminal, mistakes that have occurred in Iraq on their watch ... that allowed the prison abuses; and the shocking inability to understand the very nature of the war in which ... and civilians. Yet thousands of Iraqi ammo depots filled with the hundreds of thousands of tons