1. Captain of scandal could win major race


    ... , with the election on Tuesday. The left-leaning website Counterpunch called McAuliffe the Clintons' "chief ... the Democratic Party" and "even called himself a 'huckster' in his autobiography." "For McAuliffe ... , "McAuliffe even put up $1.35 million toward the purchase of a New York home for Bill and Hillary in 1999

  2. Figures don't lie, but liars figure

    ... high explosive ammunition" and fuses found on the ranch match the ammo the two artillery battalions ... Shoaf lose any of his prized Texas longhorns to Fort Hood's not-so-friendly fire. A very ... embarrassed U.S. Army has suspended all artillery practice at Fort Hood until it finds out what happened

  3. Drop the apron, lady, you're under arrest!

    ... across the street isn't the milkman. Superficially, my family fits the DHS domestic terrorist ... likely surveillance candidates. DHS provides law enforcement with a handy checklist. "Domestic ... handguns, rifles and shotguns, and 3,000 rounds of ammo were stacked against the ruffled bed skirt

  4. FBI wants businesses watching for customers paying with cash

    ... warns that while the Constitution recognizes freedom of expression, "even for individuals who espouse ... unpopular or even hateful views," it also is the responsibility of government to deter "plots by neo ... , military surplus stores and even hotels and motels. The brochures ask proprietors, clerks

  5. A fascist-style takeover

    ... [To Joseph Farah:] Sir, you are scarily on target ["Why is government stockpiling guns, ammo ... ?"]. All U.S. citizens should be very concerned about a fascist-style takeover. I don't understand why

  6. What's Obama cutting? Funds for EMP recovery


    ... . Sources say the initial $85 billion in automatic cuts for fiscal year 2013 could include $1 billion ... to the furlough of officers with DHS' Transportation Security Administration. DHS Secretary Janet ... will not diminish because of budget cuts to DHS." An EMP, an electromagnetic pulse, is estimated

  7. Saddam's WMDhave been found

    ... critics and the media might plausibly hide behind ambiguity and a lack of sensational-looking finds ... agents supposed to look like? Was anyone seriously expecting Saddam to have left behind freshly painted ... for the media silence may stem from the seemingly undramatic nature of the "finds" Hanson and others have

  8. U.S. troops prepared to fight drug lords

    ... . "USNORTHCOM has been involved in the DHS contingency planning from the very beginning," Michael Kucharek ... to protect American citizens in the event Mexico's drug war spills across the border. The DHS decision ... , the development of the DHS plan signals the U.S. has joined the Mexican government in concluding that Mexican

  9. Feds clearing way for drones over your house


    ... government surveillance through the use of drones are even more troubling. The ability to link facial ... expressed an unreserved horror. "I'm going to go hard left on you here. I'm going to go ACLU. I ... a lot of them. You may have to use a very high powered one. You may have to use a bazooka. I'm

  10. Why is government stockpiling guns, ammo?


    ... that what Obama had in mind might be something very sinister indeed perhaps "some kind of domestic ... force" again. Not in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 or 2012. But that brings us up to 2013 and the highly ... unusual stockpiling of firearms and ammo by Homeland Security firearms and ammo that Obama would like