1. Gold dropping? Why not to worry


    ... , settling at about $23. "Meanwhile, the major U.S. stock indices all suffered their worst weekly ... drop of 2013. Of the 10 sectors of the S&P 500, energy was the worst performer while the telecom ... is 1:01:05. Previous podcasts: What's to love about gold, silver prices Let

  2. Celebrated author Tom Clancy dies at 66


    ... Times. Clancy penned the popular Jack Ryan series, includingThe Hunt for Red October,Patriot Games, andClear and Present Danger, among many others.

  3. Biggest names in media, gov't about to see red


    ... babies, all of whom never had a chance. Jan. 22 has been designated Red Envelope Day, with one ... . "While folks struggle to find that 'perfect' gift, supporting the Red Envelope Day 2013 campaign ... opportunity." Lepoutre said his group is using new web and print technologies that are used every day

  4. Marines' new alcohol policy strictest in U.S. military


    ... beginning mandatory breath tests for all 197,000 Marines twice each year. A reading of just .01 ... (Washington Times) The Marine Corps new on-duty standard for drinking alcohol is so strict

  5. Ray Nagin indicted


    ... http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2013/01/ray_nagin_becomes_first_new_or.html (Times Picayune ... a store in Central City. Despite New Orleans' reputation for political shenanigans, Nagin

  6. AP caves to 'gay' lobby


    ... Stylebook Online, and is scheduled to appear in the 2013 print and mobile additions: husband, wife ... , the Associated Press has caved in and made another new statement approving the use of "his husband" and "her ... dictionary. "Victory!" was the headline on several gay websites as AP issued a new entry in its AP

  7. Flight 800: Breakthrough!

    ... is federal EDNY, #01-CV-5447 JS. The United States government has declined to respond to the Sanderses ... named defendants within. These are real people with real fears who, for a variety of reasons ... is all that has stood between them and knowledge that they got away with it. No doubt, they are anxious

  8. New York Times profit falls 12%


    ... 6.3%, with print advertising revenues falling by 7.0% and digital by 4.3% over 2013. The company added ... (Breitbart) The New York Times announced Thursday that operating profits had fallen 12 ... % in the fourth quarter of 2013 compared to the same period a year before. Earnings per share dropped by roughly

  9. LAPD won't turn illegals over to INS


    ... . This proposal was presented by the LAPD police Chief Charlie Beck, and with this new plan it releases all ... department, approved today a plan that is expected to take effect starting January 2013, where ... . The proposal was announced by Beck in October of this year, which highlighted the need to "fulfill

  10. Noah's Ark discovered?

    ... ? Raiders of the lost Ark In search of Noah's Ark Pharaoh's chariots found in Red Sea? Real-life raiders ... ? Was there in fact a giant ship that guided humanity and animals through a 40-day flood, or is it all just ... are trying to settle the issue once and for all. But while the parties have the same goal of confirming