1. Could Piers Morgan actually be deported?


    ... British journalist Piers Morgan for his outspoken views on gun control. On a recent episode of his ... CNN series Piers Morgan Tonight, Morgan called guest Larry Pratt, the executive director of Guns ... guns to fight gun violence. Pratt responded by calling Morgan "morally obtuse." (Watch a video

  2. CNN shakeup expected to push Piers Morgan


    ... it's about the centrality of fathers," Elder said. "The face of gun violence in this country ... . In a recent WND column, Elder wrote that the "face of gun violence is not Sandy Hook ... CNN talk show host Piers Morgan has been making headlines lately, throwing, as one commentary

  3. Larry Elder goes toe-to-toe with Piers Morgan


    ... about the centrality of fathers," Elder said. "The face of gun violence in this country ... Author Larry Elder, who recently released "Dear ... Father, Dear Son," has tamed Piers Morgan, the leftist CNN host who has released tirade after

  4. Larry Elder talks gun violence with Piers Morgan


    ... "Piers Morgan Tonight" program to talk gun control, the fatherless culture and black America ... with host Piers Morgan. The show is broadcast at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. Elder, the author ... New York Times best-selling author and radio personality Larry Elder will appear tonight on CNN's

  5. Twitter explodes with racial epithets toward WND columnist


    ... (Newsbusters) As NewsBusters reported, conservative talk radio host Larry Elder had a heated ... exchange Wednesday with CNN's Piers Morgan concerning the George Zimmerman trial and prosecution witness ... a barrage of vulgarity laden racial epithets at Elder (serious vulgarity warning):

  6. Piers Morgan goes out with bang on CNN


    ... last blow against America's gun violence epidemic. The "Piers Morgan Live" host praised the U.S ... (HUFFINGTONPOST) — Piers Morgan concluded his final CNN show Friday night by delivering one

  7. Time to muzzle Piers

    ... . I loved to watch Larry King, and then Piers Morgan took over. It wasn't bad, but lately nobody can ... Re: "CNN's Piers Morgan to be taken off air?" Someone needs to put a muzzle on Piers Morgan ... with this gun business. He is bringing his English attitude to the United States. I thought we beat

  8. Who's the real idiot, Piers Morgan?

    ... CNN's Piers Morgan writes that the pro-gun crowd's anger toward him stems from anti-British bias ... guns." Morgan is right. Per capita, we have nearly 50 times the gun murder rate compared ... in circles that Piers "I-have-fired-guns-only-once-in-my-life" Morgan chooses not to hang out

  9. 'Your little book': Piers Morgan disses Constitution


    ... on the set of Piers Morgan Tonight, CNN's Piers Morgan asserted that he, like the NRA, was deviously ... trying to frame gun control as an assault on the Second Amendment. "You come in. You brandish your ... little book as if I don't know what's in there," Morgan sneered. "My little book? That's

  10. Piers Morgan falsely claims Lanza NRA member


    ... checks they made on Adam Lanza before sending him a @nra certificate. #Newtown Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) March 28, 2013 Yet, this is an abject lie. ... (NEWSBUSTERS) Note to Piers Morgan: Journalism isn't rocket science and making a few phone calls ... found in the Lanza household, Morgan tweeted giddily: I want to hear Wayne LaPierre explain what