1. Porn for kids

    ... city we’d be visiting. One museum’s web site included links to other science ... to anything having to do with science or any other part of the museum’s name and thus the web ... spaces, not dot org. Well, why would a sex business want to be associated with a children’s

  2. Gold dropping? Why not to worry


    ... drop of 2013. Of the 10 sectors of the S&P 500, energy was the worst performer while the telecom ... sector gained," the report said. "Next week, around 170 companies listed on the S&P and 10 stocks ... is 1:01:05. Previous podcasts: What's to love about gold, silver prices Let

  3. California's flee collar


    ... This cartoon first appeared at http://netrightdaily.com/2013/10/californias-flee-collar/.

  4. Young-earth absurdity

    ... the universe did not exist until an instant after the Big Bang, science cannot have &ndash ... !!!! The Big Bang was bigger than we thought!!!!! During the first trillionth of a second, the universe ... to scoff at religion. They cannot tell us Who or what caused the Big Bang, but too many of them

  5. Read their lips


    ... This cartoon first appeared at http://netrightdaily.com/2013/10/cartoon-read-lips/.

  6. Monkeys and atheists

    ... tells of his surprise when so many fellow astronomers refused to accept the Big Bang hypothesis ... it. Why? Because the Big Bang implied a beginning to the universe – and a beginning implies ... and keyboards for four weeks. Though one of the monkeys frequently typed the letter "s", the other monkeys

  7. Trucker finds way to save $50 per day in fuel costs!

    ... Tony McIntyre is a seasoned owner/operator, driving his 2002 Columbia Freightliner "Big Rig ... want to save money, I highly recommend the Vortex Valve?". VortexValves? are not limited to "Big ... Tractor Hub Miles Gallons MPG 2511 01/03/06 503,250 0

  8. Physicist: Big Bang breakthrough 'confirms creation'


    ... of the Big Bang, and a theory by physicist Alan Guth, now at MIT, regarding "inflation" appeared ... of the creation process in the Big Bang match the Genesis story perfectly," he said. "If I had to make ... up a theory to match the first passages in Genesis, the Big Bang theory would be it." He explained

  9. Have the teachers seen this?

    ... , director $132,700 24) Wayne S. Diviney, asst. exec. director $131,900 25) Gerald T. Gripper, org ... 9)Eugene Dryer, regional director $146,900 10)Earl H. Jones, director $142,200 11) Donald J ... . Keck, org. specialist $141,600 12) Linda Boitano, manager $141,500 13) Phillip A. Moeckli

  10. Americans in the stocks


    ... This cartoon first appeared at http://legalinsurrection.com/2013/10/branco-cartoon-not-so-free-at-last/.