1. Top 10 jobs that attract most psychopaths

    President Barack Obama

    ... About Success," has created a top 10 list for the most attractive and least attractive professions ... , there are actually some professions that attract psychopaths more than others, and civil servants (including ... that seem to have the most psychopaths are: 1. Chief executive officer 2. Lawyer 3. Media

  2. Newspeople have love affair with these freshmen in Congress

    ... CA-19 GOP 10 0.8 35 Andy Harris MD-01 GOP 10 0.8 ... , while one rising star – Rep. Allen West, R-Fla. – has almost 20 percent ... of the coverage all to himself. The study of the House's "most buzzworthy freshmen" was conducted by Smart

  3. Gold today, gone tomorrow

    ... . If Middle Eastern demand soars to the tune of $10-20 billion in new gold purchases, it could essentially ... , about 30 percent, against the euro during this past year. At the moment, one has to pay about $1.24 ... . must attract $1.5 billion A DAY in foreign investments. The U.S. trade deficit reached a new all

  4. Trucker finds way to save $50 per day in fuel costs!

    ... Tractor Hub Miles Gallons MPG 2511 01/03/06 503,250 0 ... 217.62 0.00 2511 01/05/06 504,707 1,457 213.56 6.82 ... 2511 01/08/06 506,348 1,641 193.56 8.48 2511

  5. California's flee collar


    ... This cartoon first appeared at http://netrightdaily.com/2013/10/californias-flee-collar/.



    ... of firearms rarely used in crime rifles became the nations most urgent priority. Until Sandy ... (which are pretend, and serve only to attract would-be mass murderers). The fact that virtually all ... controllers by David Kupelian, on why the left is obsessed with eliminating Americans most fundamental

  7. Read their lips


    ... This cartoon first appeared at http://netrightdaily.com/2013/10/cartoon-read-lips/.

  8. Gore: Dust Bowl coming unless we act


    ... Valid until Mar 01 See More Circulars JobStart Top Jobs Enter Keyword(s): Select a Category ... savings! 75 Years of OZ Oh My! Feb 1 - May 4 Crown Center Get the Deal! $10 for $20 of Food ... and Beverage at this famous Brookside restaurant $10.00 Value: Discount: You Save: $20 50% $10

  9. 37 Muslim nations persecuting Christians


    ... . More than a book, it is every Christian’s heritage of courage. While Syria is the most ... "] The number of Christian martyrs was twice as high in 2013 as the year before, and radical Islamist ... or groups that are Islamic extremists coming in to attack them," she said. Nine of the worst 10 nations

  10. Downsizing jobs, outsourcing lives

    ... venture. Exporting jobs to where labor is cheapest may be the most efficient allocation of capital ... markets offset the loss of exported jobs, there is only one humane response: Tell ... to the suppression of wages. The "real earnings of those in the top 10 percent fell 1.4 percent