1. Showdown with Iran?

    ... of the march, an update will be broadcast live to Iran expected to reach an estimated 40 million people ... , please take part in the WorldNetDaily poll. Related story: TV ads warn of Iran nuke attack ... are unfolding that likely will lead to a showdown with Iran this year. The United States and Europe

  2. Busting empty bunkers

    ... -type nuke like the one we dropped on Hiroshima. It takes maybe 40 or 50 pounds of bomb-grade ... Pu-239, not almost pure U-235. (It is not possible to make a simple gun-type nuke with Plutonium ... Hersh's stunning article, "The Iran Plans" in the New Yorker magazine – plus interviews

  3. Even Iran diplomat confirms nuke plant blast


    ... on the explosions. In a letter to the IAEA two days after the explosions, Iran said it plans ... joined the growing list of those who have confirmed to WND the deadly explosions at Iran's Fordow ... to keep Iran from building nuclear weapons. Several Iranian leaders have said repeatedly in the past

  4. Bushwhacking Gore's loose nukes

    ... materials, nuke technologies and nuke facilities in the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency basket ... by Article VI of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT), than it was to prevent a loose nuke ... Iran, Iraq and North Korea -- do not become nuke states. It follows that the five NPT nuke states

  5. Iran's nuke-plant explosion cover-up


    ... . Iran denied the story, and within days after its denial both Reuters and Associated Press carried ... a month prior to deadly explosions that WND reported had occurred there on Jan. 21. IAEA had ... refused to confirm or deny whether there was an explosion, but in statements to the media, implied

  6. Radiation leaking from Iran's nuke plant


    ... " caption="Fordow fuel enrichment plant - DigitalGlobe image on day of reported explosion, Jan. 21, 2013 ... explosions. The report said that as of Feb. 17, Iran continued to feed hexafluoride gas into all four ... image Jan. 21, 2013 - Across from Fordow Plant, written on the mountain in Farsi: "Fadayat Rahbar

  7. Iran refuses entrancefor nuke inspection

    ... Iran has rejected a request by U.N. nuke inspectors to return to a military base the U.S. suspects ... ." Iran claims the excavation was part of the digging of a tunnel under the plant that it said ... was the digging of a tunnel under the Isfahan plant, which Iran has said could be used to store equipment

  8. U.N. won't deny explosions at Iran nuke plant


    ... , refused to deny that Iran's nuclear facility at Fordow has been rocked by several explosions. WND ... reported exclusively that its source said explosions devastated the Fordow facility Jan. 21 ... the site, which is deep under a mountain. In a statement to Reuters, IAEA spokeswoman Gill Tudor

  9. Mars and Venus: Together at last!

    ... that wants nukes. Iraq, itself, is a nuke-state wannabe. The Israelis are convinced that Iran is, too ... . Iran is – as is Iraq – a nuke have-not signatory to the Nuclear Non ... indistinguishable to the naked eye. On the issue of nuclear power plants in Iran, warhawks and peaceniks

  10. Obama knew of Iran plant before U.N. assembly

    ... : Iran has second nuke plant." Iran's second nuclear facility is reportedly built underground ... . The TOR–M1 mobile-launch system was delivered to Iran in 2007 and reportedly has been deployed ... make remarks about Iran prior to the morning plenary of the G-20 Pittsburgh Summit today (Official