1. Impeach Eric Holder, repeat offender

    Bradlee Dean

    ... ), homeschooling is not protected under religious freedom. Regarding education, let me set ... Truman, in a speech opposing communism Attorney General Eric Holder has again shown his true colors ... their five children to the German government. Germany was attempting to force the Romeikes to put

  2. DOJ: Governments can punish homeschoolers

    The Romeike Family

    ... family, the Romeikes, back to Germany where members likely would face persecution. "The goal ... at government schools, and punishment is levied against anyone failing to comply, even due to religious ... not only require that the majority of the population does not exclude religious or ideological minorities

  3. DOJ forces employees to affirm 'gay' agenda


    ... that emphasizes the First Amendment religious freedom rights of Christians employed by who object to LGBT ... agenda. This week, the DOJ mailed an internal two-page document, titled LGBT Inclusion at Work: The 7 ... Habits of Highly Effective Manners, to DOJ managers in advance of "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual

  4. Paperwork delays decision on family's future

    ... a routine background check on the Romeikes, officials said. It's now pending for Tuesday. "We ... are very disappointed that the government was unable to provide a routine background check of the Romeikes ... to provide the Romeikes with the decision," said Ian Slatter, a spokesman for HSLDA. The decision

  5. Lawmakers stunned by new revelations of IRS corruption


    ... groups over their political activity. However, on May 10, 2013, just a few short days after ... the scandal for a year, the revelation about Lerner's coordination with the DOJ appeared to confirm some ... call into question DOJ's credibility." Reaction was also swift from one of Lerner's main targets

  6. Court to Holder: Answer embattled homeschoolers

    Romeike family members

    ... Circuit panel that heard the case April 23 failed to correctly apply its own cases to the Romeikes ... of the Romeikes, hopes the full court will take up the case. "The opinion of the three-judge panel ignored ... a quintessential American value the freedom for parents to educate their children," he said. "Germany

  7. Fight heats up on behalf of homeschoolers rejected by U.S.

    Romeike family members

    ... . "The central problem here is that the U.S. government does not understand that religious freedom ... to make a religious freedom claim. Specifically, one doesn't have to follow the dictates of a church ... to claim religious freedom one should be able to follow the dictates of God Himself," Farris wrote

  8. Can Congress rescue homeschooling family?

    Romeike family

    ... important issues of religious freedom, parental rights and international law. HSLDA remains committed ... the Romeikes in particular for their sincere religious beliefs." It was in 1937 when Hitler himself said ... Alliance, is based in Germany and recently lectured on religious freedom. He said just because Germany

  9. Supremes being asked to rule on homeschool persecution

    Romeike family members

    ... , said, "The German High Court is on record for saying that religious homeschoolers should be targeted ... and see what the original immigration judge saw: that this family and other religious homeschoolers ... because we firmly believe that this family deserves the freedom that this country was founded on. Despite

  10. Now feds can order any family to violate religious beliefs


    ... the principles of religious freedom when it banned homeschooling in order to gain philosophical ... control over children, then it implies that it would not violate religious freedom or parental rights ... their religious beliefs. The warning comes from Michael Farris, founder of the Home School Legal