1. New York Times profit falls 12%


    ... 6.3%, with print advertising revenues falling by 7.0% and digital by 4.3% over 2013. The company added ... (Breitbart) The New York Times announced Thursday that operating profits had fallen 12 ... % in the fourth quarter of 2013 compared to the same period a year before. Earnings per share dropped by roughly

  2. Patrick Henry College

    ... . Newsmaker: Mark Meckler - November 12: time TBA Lessons in Carols - December 2013: Date TBA ... 2013 All times listed are in the Eastern time zone. Faith and Reason Day - September 13 ... Newsmaker: Christina Hoff Sommers - September 30 at 12:40 p.m. Newsmaker: Steven James - October 1 at 12

  3. AP caves to 'gay' lobby


    ... Stylebook Online, and is scheduled to appear in the 2013 print and mobile additions: husband, wife

  4. CVS requires ID to buy nail-polish remover


    ... (WASHINGTON TIMES) August 12, 2013 Just in time for the final season of Breaking Bad, CVS

  5. Is America on the eve of a civil war?


    ... for achieving financial security in 2013. But in a commentary on his podcast, he notes the situation facing ... can't seem to shake this nagging suspicion that 2013 may also be one of the most devastating years ... addresses the issue of financial security during 2013. He shares the eight powerful money tips that he

  6. National debt doubles under Bernanke


    ... on Feb. 1, 2006, rose to $16.366 trillion on Dec. 12, 2012. On Dec. 12, 2012, the Federal Reserve ... . The Fed announced it would enter 2013 with a plan to purchase $45 billion a month of U.S ... the new government deficit spending in 2013, concluded Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity

  7. Top CEOs to meet with Obama to avert fiscal cliff


    ... that could bring $600 billion in spending cuts and higher taxes early in 2013 if they are unable to reach ... a deal on cutting the federal budget deficit. The Business Roundtable on Tuesday kicked off a print

  8. Gold dropping? Why not to worry


    ... 400 percent increase over the last decade. It also said Silver closed the week down 12 percent ... drop of 2013. Of the 10 sectors of the S&P 500, energy was the worst performer while the telecom ... " newsletter. "Bankruptcy of Our Nation: 12 Key Strategies For Protecting Your Finances

  9. Fill 'er up


    ... This cartoon first appeared at http://netrightdaily.com/2013/08/cartoon-fill-it-up/.

  10. Obama's pardoned turkey


    ... This cartoon first appeared at http://legalinsurrection.com/2013/11/branco-cartoon-stuff-it/.