1. The government's secret slush funds

    ... it will be spent. The second is the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), and not one City Hall ... ? Reached by telephone at his Arizona home, Burien described how in 1989 he came face to face with a CAFR ... was charging $87 billion and providing $17 billion in public services." Worse, the CAFR

  2. The governments' secret trillions

    ... an executive summary and can actually be read and understood? A: The CAFR is set up ... that all local governments prepare a CAFR or, in the alternative, a combined financial statement ... the income? A: On the CAFR. That's why it's noted to refer to other reports for an accounting

  3. Secret 'slush funds' new government scam

    ... . "The report that Burien was looking at [the CAFR] included a lot more than we looked at," she said ... agree, as Walter Burien discovered. But changing the situation will prove harder than CAFR reforms

  4. Government's money-hoarding racket

    ... to those familiar with something called the "Comprehensive Annual Financial Report," or CAFR