1. A masterpiece

    ... "]. Wow! I am absolutely floored. This commentary should remain on the front page of WND ... for the next 365 days. Get your best motivational speaker to transform this commentary into a video presentation. Well done! Ray Makuch

  2. Slippery semantics

    ... Happy Independence Day, Joseph. Thank you for the wonderful commentary today, which educated me

  3. Jamie Foxx: 'Our lord and savior Obama'

    Obama Halo_0

    ... ." This occurred at the previously recordedSoul Train Awardsbroadcast on BET Sunday (video follows with transcript and commentary):

  4. Truth in media

    ... Is Joseph Farah on steroids? He's hitting way too many home runs with his commentary and speeches

  5. Send this page to a friend!

    ... and commentary pages to make it easier to print and forward articles to friends. The "Send This Page ... , feature and commentary article. The addition of these features is the result of thousands

  6. Looking for a few good proofreaders

    ... WorldNetDaily is looking for professional proofreaders to help prepare news and commentary

  7. Bob Woodward: 'Obama is proposing cutting Medicare'


    ... Joe Wednesday the president "is proposing cutting Medicare" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

  8. Fox News hires 'Clueless' actress


    ... will offer cultural analysis and commentary across various daytime and primetime programs.

  9. Meet WND's new commentary editor

    ... Ron Strom Long-time news editor Ron Strom has been named commentary editor ... trafficked opinion sites on the World Wide Web, WND's commentary page is now in its 10th year online ... him at the helm of WorldNetDaily's commentary page." Visit WND's acclaimed Commentary page

  10. Never miss a day!

    ... is indispensable in its news reporting and its commentary! Nigel Cash