1. A masterpiece

    ... "]. Wow! I am absolutely floored. This commentary should remain on the front page of WND ... for the next 365 days. Get your best motivational speaker to transform this commentary into a video presentation. Well done! Ray Makuch

  2. Slippery semantics

    ... Happy Independence Day, Joseph. Thank you for the wonderful commentary today, which educated me

  3. Jamie Foxx: 'Our lord and savior Obama'

    Obama Halo_0

    ... ." This occurred at the previously recordedSoul Train Awardsbroadcast on BET Sunday (video follows with transcript and commentary):

  4. Truth in media

    ... Is Joseph Farah on steroids? He's hitting way too many home runs with his commentary and speeches

  5. Send this page to a friend!

    ... and commentary pages to make it easier to print and forward articles to friends. The "Send This Page ... , feature and commentary article. The addition of these features is the result of thousands

  6. Bob Woodward: 'Obama is proposing cutting Medicare'


    ... Joe Wednesday the president "is proposing cutting Medicare" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

  7. Looking for a few good proofreaders

    ... WorldNetDaily is looking for professional proofreaders to help prepare news and commentary

  8. Fox News hires 'Clueless' actress


    ... , Dash will “offer cultural analysis and commentary across various daytime and primetime programs.”

  9. Norway TV: 12-hour wood-burning program


    ... firewood specialists providing commentary and advice on subjects such chopping, stacking and burning

  10. Gay-marriage downfall

    ... [To Joseph Farah:] I liked your "My proposed political realignment" commentary. I couldn't agree